The Cleanest Men’s Room in Orange County

The evening started out nicely enough. A good beer, friendly conversation, garlic french fries at Karl Strauss. Which is a must for any good little Irvine / Costa Mesa worker bee. Think of it this way: $9.95 for the pitcher, 4 bucks for a heaping, steaming, stinking plate of fries and… the Mac Store, within walking distance.

Half a pitcher in, I did, as they’ve come to expect, agree to a trip to the South Coast Plaza. Of course, I had my mind’s eye on the display model of the new 20″ G5 iMac, which was purportedly waiting for me to hop on over and take it out for a spin.

When I ended up in the upper floors of the womenly persuaded Macy’s, I knew I’d been had. My wife and her friends had decided it was coat shopping time… then pants… then shoes.

By the time we were finished with coats, I felt it was time to relieve some of the evenings libations. Fortunately, there’s a little known corner rest room up there in that god-forsaken-Macy’s-consumer-haven. I popped in to the surprise of a lifetime.

The. Cleanest. Men’s Room. Ever.


(Yes, I just posted a picture of the Macy’s Men’s Room.)

Who knew? Upon consideration, it’s obvious. What man ever goes up there? The place was pristine. Untouched. As if, it’d only been waiting for me– all it’s life.

Just thought I’d clue you in. You know, for the next time someone asks you– “Where’s the cleanest men’s room in Orange County?”

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  1. Daniel Evans (unregistered) on September 17th, 2004 @ 4:18 pm

    OK, this is freaky. I just had a VERY similar experience in a men’s room VERY close to the one you describe. I was waiting for the Apple Store in Crystal Court to open earlier this week and I was about 10 minutes so early. I decided to search around for a men’s room to, you know, drop the kids off at the pool.

    I stumbled into the men’s restroom just across the Crystal Court hallway from the Apple Store and the place looked like paradise. There were marbled tiles, huge green walls between stalls and — get this — the newest issue of OC Metro hanging from the handicapped bar, practically begging me to spend all morning there.

    I see a pattern here. South Coast certainly caters to the affluent shopper and now it appears its restrooms do the same.

  2. Terry Chen (unregistered) on September 17th, 2004 @ 4:38 pm

    Cleanest Bathroom in OC? Not after this post.

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