Voting Meltdown

Well, not really. It’s what I expected, though. Activist hecklers. Six hour waits. Exploding voting machines.

I took my camera with me to the polling place to capture the imminent chaos, and was sorely disappointed to be in and out in 30 minutes, with nothing more memorable than an obnoxious, loud-mouthed poll worker who treated us all like mentally handicapped children.

So much for the hype.

But, I think Sean said something about posting our reactions, because it would aid him in his quest to take over the world. Here goes:

  1. No. I didn’t request a paper ballot. Although a middle-aged chap just behind me did. He received a ballot without delay, and was ushered to a nice, cozey booth to complete it. I ought to have envied him.

  2. The electronic machines were much easier to use the second time around. My first encounter with the damn things had me wondering why the name of the position / proposition was highlighted. I mean, what are you supposed to do on that?

    Do you (A) hit [Enter] to indicate you’d like to make a choice, or maybe (B) the big red [Cast Ballot] button? Is it (C) a programming glitch, meaning data corruption? Or (D) do I just ignore it and skip to the choices?

    Knowing (D) was the right answer saved me a considerable bit of time and frustration. A word of advice: is it really that difficult to have the cursor skip the name of the proposition? Isn’t there, like, a tab index or something?

  3. There were no less than two voting machines in the corner apparently out of commission.

  4. Watching an elderly gentleman with his sample ballot completely filled out in advance, spend over 25 minutes trying to figure out the electronic voting machine, led me to the inexorable conclusion that Orange County (and many other areas across the nation, for that matter) have wasted millions of valuable dollars on these damn fool machines. Especially when all you really need is a sharpie and piece of paper.

  5. And, yes. I voted for Judge Jim Gray. You should have, too.

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