New Leadership

OC Metroblogs Captain Jason Cosper has stepped down for personal reasons, but remains a valued member of our writing team here.

His position has been filled by me, Joel Sax.

In the email that I wrote to the team when I assumed this role, I said:

Orange County presents many views. So far, we’ve seen a decidedly liberal slant. This does not have to be. As facilitator, I am here for everyone regardless of political affiliation, philosophy, creed, or ethnic background. The blog exists to reflect many points of view. The only requirement is that the subject matter be happenings and sightings in Orange County. Use your eyes, your ears, your nose, your tongue, and your fingers to tell us about life here in the Orange….

We do not have to share political or cultural opinions. Diversity is our strength. I have written unkind things about Dana Point. You have every right to love Dana Point. My politics are left. You may be on the right or in the middle. You may not want to write about politics at all. I won’t give permission, per say, because I am not assigning you your articles. I am a facilitator, a helper, not a dictator. Choice of subject matter is entirely yours. As a member of this team, you have the right to discuss nearly anything you please as long as the subject matter pertains to life in Orange County.

Consider today to be a fresh start for all of us. I ask you to look around at where you live. There are many Orange Counties ranging from the homeless who amble around the streets of downtown Santa Ana to the soccer moms who sip Long Island Iced Teas in the baronial estates of Dove Canyon. We have beaches, we have mountains, we have chaparral, we have bike paths, we have subdivisions, we have slums, we have gated communities. None of us can talk about all of it: this is why we have several commentators. Consider your values, your views, your sense of place. What clubs are good to visit? What parks do you linger in? Where can we get good Peruvian food? What are your local politicians up to that is bad or good? Feel free to make up different questions and write answers to them. What is Orange County to you today?

The challenge our writers are rising to meet is to unabashedly show the Orange County we know. If you want to be part of our quest to talk about the Orange as it matters to us residents of Orange County, click here. There’s still space for new voices and new eyes behind the camera. Think about joining us.

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