Hey! Don’t Blame Us!

Came across this post at our sister (you know, the older and more popular one?) station — b.la:

No, not in L.A.:

many NoCal’ers have this bizarre hatred from SoCal’ers (with a special contempt for L.A. folk!). I know one thing that is (generally) not in L.A… a hatred for those up north! Some might say that the folks here wouldn’t give two sh!ts about those up north, certainly not enough to hate them, anyway… what’s up with this North -> South rivalry (not North/South)? Is it really the water we supposedly steal? Is it envy for our great weather?

Can you guess what came next? I could.

“yours truly” comments:

I have to say that alot of the hate is fed by stereotypes. Stereotypes that are for the most part not true in regards to LA but ARE in regards to Orange County. I went to the OC and realized that it was the OC that fed those stereotypes.

They’re blaming us for Uggs!

Look, OC may be the red-headed-step-child, and all — but let’s face facts people! OC suffers from eternal LA envy. Folks here follow LA’s preciously set trends, religiously. Sure, they’re the type to find out about the party late, and show up uninvited, but let’s be honest.

We learned it by watching you!

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