The Fox is Saved!

Well, I’m a little late on covering this, but better late than never. Thanks to a last minute anonymous donation the Fullerton Historic Theater Foundation was able to raise the money needed to purchase the Fox Theater!

Staci covered the efforts previously, as have the Register, OC Weekly, and the LA Times. (I’m feeling a little lazy to link all those right now.) There has been some skepticism as to whether the money would be raised due to a slow start. I think many people are very glad to see that the first part of the goal was accomplished. Of course, more fundraising still needs to be done for the remodeling aspect.

I’m really too young to know much about the history of Fullerton or Orange County in general. I’m only 22 and I didn’t live in Orange County until 1989, when I was 7. Yet, I’m seeing all these interesting places the older I grow and the more I move around. I went right past that theater everyday for a year and a half and was always sad to see it boarded up. It really is a focal point for the area even with all the apartments popping up around it.

It’ll be interesting to see how the remodel turns out and if the Foundation can turn it into a hotspot. I think there really are a lot of possibilities for it, and it has a great location. Close to two colleges and a hot nightspot. What are your ideas for The Fox Theater, and what would you like to see done?

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