Road Rage

If you pay any attention to the local news, which I hardly do, I’m sure you have heard of about the two men who were stabbed because of road rage. I must say, I’m not surprised something like this happened, I have seen the way people have been driving lately and seen how short tempered they have been, something like this was bound to happen.

Last Sunday, driving north on the 55, just about to the 5 interchange, a car changes lanes without looking, nearly running into an SUV which luckily swerved into the next lane to avoid an accident. Then, without pausing to look, the car changed lanes again, forcing the SUV into the carpool lane. The SUV driver, half in the carpool lane, half on the double yellow line, sped up and pulled in front of the car that had nearly run into it twice. The car jumps over the double yellow into the carpool lane, speeds past the SUV, cuts it off and then slams on its breaks coming to a complete stop while the rest of the freeway is going 80. Jill and I, suck behind this drama, had no choice but to get on the breaks and the horn, hoping nobody rear ended us.

Monday, within a few minutes of one another, I saw two near accidents because people weren’t paying attention. The first, a car stopped in the turn lane pulled across two lanes of traffic, in front of oncoming cars, because they decided to turn the other way. Everybody, of course, had to slam on their breaks to avoid hitting this car. Then, not a mile down the road, I witness a van pull out of a gas station parking lot without stopping or looking, which was only narrowly missed by oncoming traffic.

Then, yesterday, I was leaving Target’s parking lot and a man couldn’t decide which way to turn. He sat there for a minute trying to figure it out while a half dozen cars waited for him. The man in the car behind him honked, just to say ‘let’s go’, and this ass put his car in park, opened his door, got out and was ready to fight the guy behind him. WTF is with that?

Anybody else have good/scary stories to share about road rage and road stupidity this holiday season? People have gotten way out of control, I’m a bit scared to get in my car. I can’t wait till this holiday season is over.

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  1. Michael Randall (unregistered) on December 24th, 2004 @ 11:34 am

    Yup, this time of year really sucks on the streets and freeways of Orange County. Just ask my brother Will, who got rear ended by a delivery truck a day before he started his new job.

    My brother was more pissed off then the other driver, but he calmed down and was able to get the other drivers information.

    As for the recent stabbing incident on the Toll Lanes, one man has ruined the life of an entire family and has definatly changed the way that the surviving twin is going to live his life. As a twin, I feel that the suspect in this case has essentially murderd both twins as the surviving twin has lost his life long connection.

    Going back to the topic of accidents, It seems that not a day goes by where I see an accident on the 91 or experience some case of road rage. Just the other day at a gas station on Orangthorpe I nearly got into a fight with a truck driver becasue he was trying to reserve the disel pump for another big rig truck. My car barely holds 16 gallons of fuel and it only takes me five minutes tops to fill it, a big rig takes at least 20 minutes, not to mention the guy had the addacity to talk on his cell phone the entire time he was fueling right with the no cell phone sign staring him in the face.

    Maybe this is just indicitive of the new america that we all live in: leave us alone, mind your own busniess, and keep your mouth shut?

    It’s sad to say this around the holidays, but civility is dead, we now live in a society where it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves as were too busy to care for each other.

  2. No One of Consequence (unregistered) on December 28th, 2004 @ 9:57 am

    On the stabbing; I think it is only partially indicitive of the times. The man accused of the stabbing lives on my street and all his neighbors have nothing but kind words to say about his behavior within the community. However, he is also a hard-core “Hell’s Angel” type personality (not the contemporary aging yuppie with money to waste on expensive toys and leather garb). I understand he has had some troubles with the law in the past as well. The twin brothers as well were no strangers to the dark side. Supposedly with past gang affiliations in Las Vegas. They reportedly had turned there lives for the better, but people who know them still describe them as looking for trouble. The brothers, I’ve heard, have friends that also live on my street and spent some time drinking in their garage. Not more than a couple hundred yards from the man who would one day destroy their lives. Basically, 3 personalities incapable of backing away from a confrontation. If one truck exited the 241, the other was compelled by their personality to follow. “Oh! You’re gonna stop and bump this up a notch? OK, let’s go!” “Oh! You’re gonna get out of your truck? Then here I come!”

    Christmas is a particularly bad time for increased frustrations, but that situation could have happened any time. Actually, one person who knows the brothers has told me that he still suspects it was a drug deal gone bad. In any case, it’s an extreme that should probably be dropped from a seasonal characterization.

    As far the other events you describe, don’t you witness the same kinds of things throughout the year? I do. There probably is an increase in road rage during the holiday season, but I think our sensitivity to the anecdotes is increased as well. Normally, we give such stories little thought, “that’s life in the big city”. But during the holidays, a common first thought is how “that’s gonna ruin their Christmas.”

  3. Thor (unregistered) on January 16th, 2006 @ 12:25 pm

    These stories and everyday life in the OC, San Diego, LA Counties just proves that far too many folks around here are borderline psychotic. I am commuting to Irvine through Camp Pendleton 2x50mi each day and see endless numbers of people just behaving childish, respectliss and completely unresponsible every single day.

    It seems folks around here enter some very low level state of mind when they sit behind the wheel and just wait for opportunities to fight somebody else and prove themselves.

    All these things happening just prove what a bunch of sad and sorry losers Southern Californians (ie all the Midwesterners etc who moved here after they froze off their b***s elsewhere) truly are !

    From oct/nov till around mar/apr each year the aggression is at an abosulte max, apparently because all these poor souls are so busy with the holidays, their families and paying the big bills afterwards.

    Personally, I feel sorry for each wasted existence I see on streets trying to ruin somebody elses day or life just because theirs already sucks.
    Poor vandal idiots.

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