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Fine dining at the trough

Let’s agree to something right off the bat: sometimes, it’s just fun to be disgusting.

Such was the case when Vicky and I went out for an incredibly disgusting lunch at Shakey’s.

It was while we were moving this weekend. (Yes, we’re in the new home in Anaheim and resting comfortably.) We were moving from our apartment on Westminster. We’d seen the Shakey’s many times with that sign, “All you can eat lunch, 11am – 2pm”, so often that it seemed a shame to have never tried it. And so, we decided to try it.

Did you know that Shakey’s corporate office is located just up in Alhambra? It almost seems worth a drive to ask them what the hell happened? Rather than being just a cold shadow of its storied past, Shakey’s is now little more than the post-party vomit that makes regret every having partaken!

Vicky and I have both done the Shakey’s thing, she being from Lancaster and me an OC native. My mom took us to the Shakey’s Pizza Parlour on Fairview in Santa Ana when I was a kid. In high school, we’d often go to Shakey’s Pizza on Bristol by Alton (back when it was still there) after shows. (I was then and remain today a performer.) My first “illegally-purchased in a restaurant” beer was at a Shakey’s. (They didn’t card me.) Both of us are filled with Shakey’s memories.

We pulled up this this one, whose sign read “Shakey’s za Parlour” (for quality “za’s”), ten minutes early. Ah, but we weren’t the only ones there early for a cheap lunch! Several members of the local “Royals” baseball team were there, too! Soon, the doors opened and there was a rush for the doors! With this kind of excitement, I figured the food had to be good

Prey in LA

This past Friday, a co-worker/friend had her birthday party up in LA, at a club called Prey.

Let’s just say, I’m all for sticking to Orange County to party. While I haven’t gone out too too much up in LA, *damn* it was expensive! $20 to valet, $20 each to get in, and then of course drinks. This is probably standard fare, but hardly seems worth it. Once you got through the a*hole bouncers, the inside was cool (deep reds and a small dance floor) yet hardly crowded (and we got in around 11:15 or so). After all the work it took to get in, at least make it seem like it was worth the effort!

There were three bars inside, and the drinks were decent, priced between $8-10. If you choose, you can get a table, and do the whole “bottle service” thang – $325 for a bottle of Bacardi. Overall, while I love to dance and stuff, not really my scene.

So, does anyone have any good suggestions for places to go in OC? I’ve heard of many a club and bar, but I’d love to hear you input…

His other sleigh is a Volvo

So I was driving down the 57 (around Angel Stadium) the other day and this person, who I assumed to be an old lady, totally cuts me off. Not only that, after I got cut off, he/she decided to leave the blinker on his/her Volvo on. Well, this is much too much; I decide to see what fool is behind the wheel. Punch the gas, swerve a lane, and who is that I see?

Santa Claus. I got cut off by Old St. Nick. Wussup with that?!? Well, he my be a nice guy and all, but Santa is a jerk behind the wheel.

Update: Still not convinced that Santa is a jerk? Well, according the the “skunks of los feliz” blog, he’s on the LAPD payroll.

Those in giant glass cathedrals shouldn’t bust caps

Did anyone see this on the news? Or even better, is anyone there?!

A gunman opened fire inside the grounds of the world-famous Crystal Cathedral on Thursday, but no one was hit and children in a church day-care center were rushed to safety, police said. A police SWAT team quickly surrounded the gleaming glass-and-steel cathedral and its surrounding buildings, and a police spokesman said the gunman was holed up inside an office. (Associated Press)

I know Ken’s post last week was good and everything, but relax, we’ve got nothing against the Crystal Cathedral (do we?). Man, I wish I was there, just for the cool shattering noises. (via airbaigindustries)

Winter? Where?

Alright, I seriously need rain for it to feel like December and these Santa Ana winds are not doing it. Well, one good thing is the great sunset it left today. Here’s a shot my coworker took from work.

Ah, who needs rain for it to be winter.

Boy, it feels like Christmas!

With Christmas is approaching fast, I’ve gotten most of my shopping done, and that which isn’t done should be by this weekend. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

…for the Santa Ana winds.

In grand Southern California tradition, it’s going to windy and hot for a few days, with gusts near 50mph in the foothills and canyons. That’s fine, but it does take something of the Christmas spirit away when you’re shopping in shorts. Not that I mind the sunshine – it’s been a pretty rainy fall – but at least some cool temps would be nice. Maybe by next week we’ll have more seasonal weather. Until then, We’ll just have to suffer in our comfort.

Christmas time… at OC shopping centers

12-04-04_1819.jpg About a week ago, I ventured to Fashion Island one evening, primarily to see the huge Christmas tree displayed each year. True, all these pictures were taken with my camera phone, but hopefully you can get the idea: The center was really pretty. The regular trees were wrapped in lights, giant decorations were sprinkled about, and the Christmas tree had bulbs larger than my head.

12-10-04_2247.jpg Another place I visited last week was the elegant Balboa Bay Club (for an annual Christmas party). Once again, the decorations were really nice, but, my favorite had to be the giant city of candy (to the left). Everything was made from some sort of food product – graham crackers, gum drops, frosting… looked really cool.

Finally, in a momentary fit of insanity, I decided it would be a good idea to go to South Coast Plaza for some shopping. Started out ok… but got more and more crowded. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the malls just weren’t that crowded. I guess it was because they were all waiting for this past weekend to shop!

As usual though, SCP was decorated for the holidays, complete with complimentary apple cider and hot chocolate, carolers and hords of people:

So, if you are brave enough to head out there on a weekend, be tough, get there early, and take advantage of all the free stuff you can…

Orange – the county for ROMANCE!…

I was originally going to write an entry called “Let’s kill the Republicans” (Honestly, people! I write a whole thing about burning down the TBN building and all I get is mild annoyance?) but, after this past weekend, decided I’d rather write about romance.

Ah, romance! Without it, we’d have no music, no poetry, no “Blind Date” re-runs in the middle of the night

More cops than a Winchell’s

I just ran out for some lunch, figured I would go to the In ‘n’ Out on the corner of Harbor and Orangethorpe since it is so close to my apartment. On my way, in the middle of Harbor, a guy was being ripped out of his car by four cops, hog tied and thrown in the back of a police cruiser. It was interesting, not often you see that sort of thing in Orange County. I expect that sort of thing in LA, but not here. Last night even, on the 110 right by USC, a couple of cop cars went flying in the other direction with their sirens on. A few weeks ago in LA five police SUVs went screaming down Sunset after a white car. To be expected. The only time you ever see this many cops in one place in OC is at the donut shop, Starbucks, or when a cat gets stuck in a tree in Newport.

The Fox is Saved!

Well, I’m a little late on covering this, but better late than never. Thanks to a last minute anonymous donation the Fullerton Historic Theater Foundation was able to raise the money needed to purchase the Fox Theater!

Staci covered the efforts previously, as have the Register, OC Weekly, and the LA Times. (I’m feeling a little lazy to link all those right now.) There has been some skepticism as to whether the money would be raised due to a slow start. I think many people are very glad to see that the first part of the goal was accomplished. Of course, more fundraising still needs to be done for the remodeling aspect.

I’m really too young to know much about the history of Fullerton or Orange County in general. I’m only 22 and I didn’t live in Orange County until 1989, when I was 7. Yet, I’m seeing all these interesting places the older I grow and the more I move around. I went right past that theater everyday for a year and a half and was always sad to see it boarded up. It really is a focal point for the area even with all the apartments popping up around it.

It’ll be interesting to see how the remodel turns out and if the Foundation can turn it into a hotspot. I think there really are a lot of possibilities for it, and it has a great location. Close to two colleges and a hot nightspot. What are your ideas for The Fox Theater, and what would you like to see done?

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