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Metroblogging and Meetup

This week, Metroblogging has officially teamed up with Each city now has its own, including OC! So if you would like to get together with the fine writers of OC.Metblogs, come and sign up. I’ve gone to a few of the get togethers has had, and they have always been fun. It will be awesome to see this start to happen in OC as well.

Shooting in OC

Jill in LA

No no, not like shooting a movie, but shooting, as in guns. I

What’s with Santa Ana Cayon?

My goodness! What’s with SAC this week? Monday, Santa Ana Canyon Road was blocked going east, blocking traffic for seemingly miles on the 91 E. I was lucky enough to get there early enough to not get stuck in the gridlock, but it still took me forever to get home. Apprently, a tree had fallen down (or was knocked?) so they had cop cars blocking everything.

Then, Tuesday, I turned onto SAC to get to the gym, and traffic ground to a halt. Longer than normal. A couple of police cars drove by on the shoulder, and I figured I should get out (luckily, I was able to turn up a side-street and wind through the neighborhood). This time, there was a car accident going west on SAC, and for some unknown reason, they blocked all east-bound traffic.

Let’s hope that getting home tonight will be smooth sailing!

Spring in the air?

No, not quite. A few weeks of rainy weather, though, and we get a little stir crazy. (After all, this is Southern California!) I’m not sure whether it was the warm weather or a neighborhood prankster that brought out this pair of amorous leftover reindeer.

Later, as I sat out on Rubio’s patio in Costa Mesa on Sunday ($1 fish tacos) in the 80° warmth of a damn-near-perfect California afternoon, it was tempting to call spring a little early. I also couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of my wife’s family enjoying the winter wonders of North Dakota — with a high tomorrow of . (I’m a little surprised that they haven’t packed up the RV and retreated to warmer climates yet.)
Need it or not, though, we still have a few months of precipitation to go.

A report to all parents or those who might be parents

(I think that, before we begin, we should all put on our senses of humor. This entry includes many jokes of the overly weighted nature, i.e.. Fat jokes. So

Similarities to L.A.

Did anyone else notice how incredibly busy the roads were today? In Anaheim Hills the 91 West was completely stopped as well as Weir Canyon Rd. at the Savi Ranch Center. I entered that area which covers only roughly one or two miles and it took me 30 minutes to get out. For most of the rest of the day I took back roads just so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Did everyone decide today was a good day to go out since the rains stopped?

Titans beat Long Beach, Baseball earns their rings

I just got back from one of the best college basketball games I have ever been to. The Cal State Fullerton Titans defeated the Long Beach State 49’s 88 to 71. The score wasn’t even the half of it, the Titans opened a lead early and kept it.

The best part of the game was at half time when the National Champion Cal State Fullerton Baseball team was awarded their rings and the 2004 National Champions banner was unfurled in the Titan Gym. The rings are huge, in the middle is a orange “F” surronded by diamonds. On the side of the rings it says “Big West” (the league the Titans play in) and on the other side it says “National Champions” with the College world series logo on it.

It was probably the presence of a national championship team in the buliding, but you could tell the Basketball team is starting a drive for their own Big West title. Who knows, having a National Champion Football team up the freeway and a National Champion baseball team just down the street, maybe they can do it?

BTW: A message to the ref’s, let them dunk it’s fun for the fans, stop calling team technicals every time a player tries to pump up the crowd. My voice went sore just from yelling “you suck ref!”

Elvis!? Has Left The Building

If you’re the type who thinks Karaoke has to be you embarrassing yourself in front of everyone at the bar, but wish you could belt out those Ashlee Simpson tunes anyway, you’ve got to check out the Elvis!? Karaoke Studios in Huntington Beach. I’d been many years ago, but went again this weekend and had a great time.

Unlike most places with karaoke, where you’re basically on stage in front of everyone, Elvis!? (yes, the punctuation is part of the title) has a selection of private rooms, good for groups of 2-10. Each room is named for a musician or group (we moved back and forth between “The Beatles” and “Frank Sinatra”), and features machines, monitors, and tens of thousands of song titles to choose from. Not only that, you can bring a cassette tape and record your session, either proving to everyone once and for all how good a singer you are, or to embarrass yourself or your children later in life.

Food and drink are sold there, but you can bring in your own water for when your voice starts to crack from all the singing. It’s also a really cheap evening – we each paid less than $10 for four hours of solid gold greatness. Get there early on the weekends, though, the rooms tend to fill up. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday night.

Actually, no. We don’t need the rain

I keep hearing it. I can’t help it. People keep saying it.

“Boy, this rain is a drag.”
“Yes, but we need the rain.”

“My whole street is flooded.”
“Yes, but we need the rain.”

“My house fell into a sinkhole, killing my whole family. I’m actually a ghost.”
“Yes, but we need the rain.”

No. No, we don’t. We do not need the rain. Okay? Listen to me. We don’t!

Oh, sure. The mountains need the rain. Even the farms need the rain. But most of our water is piped in. The stuff that falls on us runs, for the most part, out into the sea. We, here in Orange County, do NOT need the rain! So, stop saying it!

I’m sick of the rain. I’ve had it. I’m an OC native; I can’t take more than 17 days of rain per year! It makes me molt! Cut it out!

And then, we hear these flash flood warnings. But they’re actually warning people outside the cities. They’re not warning people at Main Place! They’re not trying to caution people in Irvine! Whenever they issue one of those things, they should say, “Bad flash flood warning today


I took this picture on the way to work today:

Happy weekend everyone.

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