The Battle Over One Broadway Plaza

In the city of Santa Ana, a storm is brewing. Not a storm of politics, nor referendums, but of progress.

It is a fight which has caused rifts among all major political parties in Orange County. The project is so controversial is has caused all of them to abstain in voicing their opinion on the project. Last night, I saw first hand how the “wheels of progress” can quickly become a “shredder.”

The development of One Broadway Plaza in Downtown Santa Ana has caused both Republicans and the Democrats to look at if they want to become a new metropolis or remain in the shadows of Los Angeles. Union supporters are supporting the project since the construction crews, the janitorial, and workers in the proposed restaurants will be supposedly union (as of yet I have yet to see a written agreement between the developer and the unions). The Democratic Central Committee meeting on Monday was heated and the arguments, both pro and con, raised valuable points.

Those againsts argue the project will impact students at the Orange County High School of the Performing Arts, will demolish two buildings, and increase traffic flow on the surrounding streets. I personally have experienced the traffic in downtown Santa Ana; at five o’clock it

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  1. Kim Payne (unregistered) on January 8th, 2006 @ 11:10 pm

    “wheels of progress” ???

    Rather gridlock, which is why this is such a bad idea. So many huge traffic issues have not been resolved which is why citizens fought so hard against this project.

    -Kim Payne

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