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Grand Slam XIII

Last year I went to Grand Slam XII (the local sci-fi convention in Pasadena) to be a fan boy and hopefully meet one of the other Metblogs writers. Turns out, I meet two of them, one of them happened to be on Star Trek for a few years. So this year I decided to go again, talk with Wil and listen to him speak.

Now, Wil was great, he is funny and entertaining and I talked with him for quite a bit about his book and why he plans to self publish his next one. However, the rest of the convention sucked. I mean, it was a sucking like opening the door to the Space Shuttle while in orbit. Last year the convention was probably three times the size at it was this year, not to mention what it was like ten years ago.

Half the reason to go to sci-fi conventions is the fans. They dress up and are generally great to watch. Also, it is one of they only places where I can go and feel like the coolest person there. This year that wasn’t so much the case. I still felt like the coolest one there, but there were few people dressed up. When I went when I was a kid, there were tons of Klingons and Borg and all sorts of other fancy creatures. Now the only people are a few Starfleet officers and the one random Rebel pilot.

Next year, I don’t think I will attend Grand Slam XIV, there doesn’t seem to be a point. Maybe if they fire Rick Berman and create a good Star Trek series the fans will come back, and then the cons will be fun again. Until then, I think I’ll just stay away.

Hollywood in Orange County

The best thing about living in the OC is that you get to avoid the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and get all of the advantages of Hollywood in your own backyard. Today when I stopped for my cup of Iced Mocha (It’s Southern California and I drink enough of the Hot Mocha’s at work), the coffee shop that I stopped in had signs and crews working all over the place.

In Old Towne Orange, primarily the Orange Circle, CBS is filming a pilot for a television show. Not much is known about the plot, but the Diedrich’s Coffee was turned into “City Java.”

The Circle has been used in…

One Flu Over The Nile West

Another day, another thing to worry about. Hey, it’s not me saying this! Trust me; I’d rather not worry about anything. (As anyone can tell who’s seen me drink martinis and smoke Camels

Two Teams with Orange = “Black and Blue”

After surviving the ups and downs of tonight’s Cal State Fullerton Men

Taking Bids on “The County”

This is hot. Apparently, if you are a health care agency, right now, for a limited time only — “The County” — can be yours.

Happy bidding!

(Disclaimer: Sure, sure — I’m picking up on a harmless content management error here, shoot me. It brought a ray of sunshine to my morning. Perhaps, it could do the same for you.)

If you’ve been to Disneyland without paying…

Then you probably live in Orange County and know someone who works at Disneyland.

Last night Disney sponsored their annual Cast Blast event at the Disneyland Resort. I have to say I feel sorry for all of the Cast Members who got into the resort on their night off as they had to suffer through the agony that is California Adventure.

With five of the main attractions (and some I have spoken to say there are only five rides) open for four hours, lines were non-existent. On both California Screaming and Tower of Terror cast members would simply cycle through the cues and back on to the rides. Some of them did it four or five times. This is not any different from the normal operating hours; the only exception there is that it’s the guests who get back on the rides.

After getting all of the loose change in my pockets shaken out on Tower of Terror, the free cookie with the Cast Blast logo printed on, and the one free soda (the servers loosened up as the night progressed) the event was fun.

However, it was odd to walk down the Boardwalk and hear: “California, knows how to party” instead of the carnival ditty that routinely plays.

What is Orange County?…

I went to the Home Show at the Anaheim Angels of Los Angels Stadium of Anaheim

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