Where do YOU live?

Among other things I was very happy about when I bought my condo in Santa Ana was knowing I’d be living at the same address for several years, at least. While it can be nice to live in a variety of places, moving sucks, and having to change your billing address for everyone you’ve ever owed money to can take hours. A happy coincidence was that it was time for my driver’s license renewal, meaning I’d get my new address on that, too. The DMV had my current address, and their “renew by internet” feature made my day. So did getting my new license less than two weeks later. However, not all was right in the address space…

Beside having the same awful picture and incorrect weight, my address said I lived in “INDUSTRIAL, CA 92705”. I’ve been an Orange County resident my whole life, and had never heard of a city called “Industrial”. I knew that 92705 contained an unincorporated area known as Cowen Heights, but that was several miles away, and most of 92705 was good ol’ Santa Ana and Tustin. Funnier still is the entire area is residential, offices, and hospitals, and there’s not really any industrial zoning around.

Checking online I found several web pages with lists of zip codes identifying parts of 92705 as “Industrial”, and I can only assume the DMV uses the same lists. When I went into the Santa Ana DMV this morning, though, no one there seemed to know why it would show up like that, and don’t think they can do anything about it if it shows up like that again. They also didn’t seem to think I’d need a picture ID for three weeks, but that’s another story. So when it comes down to it, do you know where you live?

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  1. Grant (unregistered) on April 14th, 2005 @ 9:23 pm

    Yeah, my drivers license says I live in Anaheim Hills.

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