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Top of the World

One of my early summer rituals is to catch the last day of snowboarding at Bear Mountain or Mountian High. But since that didn

Statewide Democratic Convention Wrap

With my past experiences in political conventions (DNC Los Angeles

Summer’s Here!

This weekend I managed to coax my daughter into our (un-heated) pool. In my mind, this marks the beginning of summer.

I remember being upset when I was younger and I ran across someone who complained that we didn

Delegate Report from the Statewide Democratic Convention

On the first day of the California Democratic Statewide Convention (one of the oldest standing political parties in the world), the jostling for LG, AG, Governor, Board of Equalization, and Treasurer has begun.

For Lieutenant Governor (LG) we have John Garimindi the current Insurance Commissioner, who is shaking hands and doing the traditional political meet and greet at the bottom of the escalator with arriving delegates. So far Garimindi is the only well-known candidate on the slate for LG.

Angels Baseball Tonight

Anaheim_Angels.jpgI must be excited about this new Angels season; yesterday was their first day off and I was already missing the game. The Halos (5-4) play the Athletics (4-5) in Oakland tonight, the first time they’ve met since the Angels took the division from the A’s at the end of last season. Bartolo Colon (1-1, 4.97 ERA, but pitching worse than his numbers show) goes up against Barry Zito (0-2, 11.57 ERA, but probably not that bad). If the Angels can keep up the offense, any potential Colon blunders won’t hurt. Tonight’s game airs on KCAL 9 at 7:05.

Update:Colon pitched 7 innings, struck out 5, didn’t walk anyone, and gave up only one run in the Angels 6-1 win. No blunders today, Colon. Great game!

Statewide Democratic Convention and an Update

This afternoon I will be departing for the Statewide Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. As a delegate for the 60th assembly district, I’ll post updates from the floor, pictures, and my general observations of the statewide convention as a delegate from Orange County.

Update: Slashdot today has an interesting article on the ability of cities to offer free WiFi to its citizens and the efforts of TelCo’s to block their efforts. The article cited in the post can be found here.

Where do YOU live?

Among other things I was very happy about when I bought my condo in Santa Ana was knowing I’d be living at the same address for several years, at least. While it can be nice to live in a variety of places, moving sucks, and having to change your billing address for everyone you’ve ever owed money to can take hours. A happy coincidence was that it was time for my driver’s license renewal, meaning I’d get my new address on that, too. The DMV had my current address, and their “renew by internet” feature made my day. So did getting my new license less than two weeks later. However, not all was right in the address space…


I’m a sports fan, mostly Anaheim Angels baseball and Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey (damn lockout!), but the recent name change of the Angels has cause me to hold back on my once rabid support for the Angels.

Maybe there is a way to support the team and show your displeasure with the four-word monstrosity that doesn’t simply roll off your tongue?

Well there is! Thanks to the LA Times (in the Orange County Section) two brothers have produced shirts that say “We are not LA.” The shirts come in Angels Camo (i.e. Red) so you can blend in with the fans (and sneak pass the owners box).

Check out for the gear.

My apologies to our friends at (But you guys have Frank McCourt and the new obstructed views at Dodger Stadium to worry about).

P.S: Please check out Michael Doss’ post on the Second Harvest Orange County Foodbank, we can all do our part to help

Help Feed OC’s Hungry!

shfb_logo.gifSo many of us (especially with the computers and time to read blogs) never have to worry about our next meal, other than the “eat in or go out” question. We get enough to eat, can make choices about our diet, and generally never consider real hunger.

Every year since 2000, I’ve thrown a charity dinner. In years past we’ve given to national organizations, but this year we’re working directly with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

Expecting just an office with a truck parked out back, I was amazed when I saw their offices and distribution center today. Huge pallets of food, separate sorting and shipping areas, thousands of square feet of storage space. They run an efficient operation too, $0.94 out of every dollar goes toward feeding OC’s hungry, way more than most other charities.

Sometimes we forget that OC isn’t as rich for others as it might be for us. If you’re looking to donate some time or money, think about giving to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

Meetup, say goodbye

As a follow up to Michael’s post earlier today, all of Metroblogging is going to stop using That includes us. In the comments some people recommended, but I think we can use this site here to publish our upcoming activities.

In an email to the city captains, Sean said that Metroblogging does not play to pay for each meetup group and that he does not expect any of us to pay for them out of our own pocket. So for those of you who are currently members of the OC.Metblogs Meetup, I will be disbanding the group. For those of you who never joined our meetup group, just pay attention to the site and we will post about our next event here.

Last Saturday we discussed having it at the OC Indoor Range in Brea. After that we thought we might try random clubs that are advertised in the OC Weekly. If you have any suggestions, post a comment, we are willing to try just about anything once.

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