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While this isn’t something happening only in Orange County, it’s certainly something that affects a LOT of OC residents, myself included. Several months ago, the folks at (where I’m a group organizer) sent out a survey asking about meeting habits and possible pricing structures. Their idea was to charge groups a monthly fee in exchange for added services and materials (“added services” being “let users send each other messages” and “materials” being table cards). I spoke out strongly against the idea, letting them know that they’d see a huge migration away from their site if they went that direction.

Today, they went that direction.

While I appreciate being able to use for free for the last couple years, there’s no way I’m going to pay $19/month (or even their “discounted” $9/month) for what amounts to no new features my group has any use for.

Hopefully those who use the service will be happy paying the fee, or have a large enough group to make other means of communication useful. Meetup, however, is going to lose groups, lose traffic and ultimately become a shadow of what they used to be.

Escape From the OC

No, it’s not the third movie in the John Carpenter campy Sci-Fi series with Snake Pliskin, it the adventure of Metrolink when gas prices start to max out your wallet.

Today was the first time that I took a train from the Anaheim Canyon Metrolink station. Normally, when I take the train I depart from Anaheim station (the one at Angel Stadium) and go straight into LA. However, today I decided to see if I could get into LA from the Anaheim Canyon station. Since the station is on the IEOC (Inland Empire-Orange County) line it’s not as direct as the Metrolink website shows.

According to the site you can board the 4:10 train and head straight into Union Station. Not so. You have to take the 4:10 train towards Irvine, disembark at Orange, wait for the 4:37, and then board the train towards Union Station. $6.50 lighter and 45 minutes later, I was sailing past the clogged freeways into Downtown LA.

What a basketball fan has to do to escape Orange County for a Lakers game.

I’ll save you the suspense from tomorrow’s dinosaur blog; the Lakers blew it and lost to the Suns. The half time presentation of the 1985 Champion Lakers was nice, but obviously didn’t have any affect on the current team.

There is nothing like being in the same building as Jack, Penny, West, Magic, Kareem, etc…

Orange County, we need you!

Dear Orange County residents,

Can some of you line up at a county landmark for something that isn’t going to happen there? We at OC Metblogs would really love to write about it, like our friends up in LA have been lucky enough to do. Maybe set up camp at Knott’s Berry Farm for the Disneyland 50th anniversary? Or head out to Fullerton for the grunion runs this summer? We know you can be cooler than your Los Angeles counterparts, and we want to write about it!

Liveblogging from the Meetup

Today was the monthly meeting of the OC Metrobloggers.

We started at the Plush Lounge in Downtown Fullerton, but after playing with a new PSP and finding that we coudn’t get on the Fullerton WiFi we all migrated down to Wahoo’s

The discussion today covered everything from Airport Security, County political issues, possible spots for future bloggers, and questions asked when applying for government employment.

Present for the meeting was the famous/infamous Michael Randall, Grant Henninger, Michael Doss, and soon-to-be new OC blogger Jim McMurry. (2 Democrats, 1 Socialist, and 1 Republican – Take your picks on who was who)

UPDATE: So my math was off, just like the Republicans and the Budget. – Mike R.

Measure A Passed

As a follow up to Michael Doss’s post on Election Day in Santa Ana, the following are the results of the Special Election (from the Orange County Registrar of Voters):

Yes 8859 56.5%
No 6827 43.5%

33 of 33 precincts reporting as of 10:05pm

Play Ball in “LAAA”la Land

No we didn’t forget to mention that today (Yesterday at time of posting) was Opening Day at Angel Stadium. We just don’t know what to call the team formerly known as the “Anaheim Angels.”

We could take the approach used by the stadium announcer when he announced the starting lineup at tonight

Election Day in Santa Ana!

If you live in Santa Ana, today’s an election day for you. Even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen the Measure A signs all over town, and being a city resident, I’ve gotten paperwork, either yay or nay, every day on my doorstep.

So what’s it all about? Basically, developers want to build a 37 story office building in downtown Santa Ana. Some local residents fear the noise and traffic, others welcome the increased business to the downtown area. has all the information, the full text of the measure, and the pro and con arguments, and our own Michael Randall blogged about it here last week. If you’re in Santa Ana, get out there and vote!

Free WiFi in Orange County

The best things in life are free, in this case internet access.

I personally don’t see the point of paying 9.95 for a days worth of internet access when I’m only going to use it for an hour. The OC “Rag”ister published a great piece on where to find free WiFi through out the OC. In fact, I’m writing this post at one of the locations: It’s A Grind on La Palma and Tustin in Anaheim Hills.

In my previous post about the Downtown Fullerton WiFi project I discussed how the county tends to lean towards making the citizenry pay for everything (a sort of pay to play approach) when it comes to services in the county. The fact that some businesses have stepped up and are providing free WiFi is a step in the right direction. Even Starbucks is offering free WiFi at their Downtown Fullerton location so you no longer have to suffer through the T-Mobile

Some good news and some bad news

Dear OC Metblogs readers and writers,

As this sites captain, I have some good news and some bad news to share with you. First, the good news. This morning, Sean announced that Yahoo! has bought a 45% stake in Metroblogging. For our network of cities, this is a great thing. It will allow Jason to higher some help, so he can implement all the cool ideas he has, and as Sean says, it will allow Metblogs to grow to 300 cities.

However, one of the changes Yahoo! wanted to make was to merge and oc.metblogs. Undoubtedly since they are the bigger site, we will just move over there, so this is really disappointing. I know we aren’t LA, and LA knows we aren’t LA, but the folks at Yahoo! see LA as stretching from the grapevine down to Camp Pendleton. But what can you do? They are the ones with the bags of money, and how can you compete with that in our fine capitalist system?

So we won’t be shutting down just yet, I’ll let you know when and how this will work later. Until then, just keep posting, maybe we can show them how different LA and OC really are.

Thank you, everybody!


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