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Commanches in a Solar Canoe

And I thought that sounded like something you would see at Disneyland.

Congratulations to Canyon High School for winning their third straight solar cup.

Here is the article from the OC Register

Gunning it on the 5 freeway

So, I was heading home from work the other day

1st and 10 in Anaheim (or maybe 4th and Long?)

ana100.jpg Today

Slither slither

My 2 unit junior college course in zoology and Wildboyz DVDs have made me an expert in all things wildery. This includes the deadly Boa Constrictor (Epicrates optimus prime). This very deadly, very poisonous snake is indigenous to Southern Orange County and can transform into a big rig when provoked.

These bad boys can grow up to five kilometers in length and feed on a steady diet of cantaloupe and energon cubes. This one one here, which I saw on the Aliso Creek trail, was only a fledgling so I restrained the use of my snake ninjitsu (also a 2 unit course).

The Catch Makes for a Nice Mother’s Day

At the recommendation of my mom’s coworker, my family and I had a lovely Sunday brunch at The Catch. Located in Anaheim, right across the street from the stadium, The Catch is a nice seafood restaurant with close ties to the Angles. There are signed baseball bats tastefully displayed in the dark-wood restaurant. Their nice “event room” that was decorated especially for Mother’s Day, complete with flowers on each table. I know they have Sunday brunch normally, but I have a feeling yesterday’s was special: crab legs, shrimp, fruit, a pasta station, a omelet station, a waffle station (complete with warm, caramel-covered bananas), breakfast foods, champagne, etc. Quite tasty and a fair value for ~$30 per person. I know my Mom and Grandma certainly enjoyed it as a special treat, and the place was quite packed with families enjoying the day like us. So, for a Sunday brunch, or even a nice dinner, The Catch is local place I’d definitely recommend.

Mother’s Day in Orange County

Last night, as a policy helicopter buzzed overhead and shined its searchlight far too close to my condo complex, Vicky and I sat out on our patio, in front of a roaring fire, drank martinis, and talked about Mother’s Day.

Okay, it doesn’t exactly sound like an Orange County holiday

The first regular day of the 50th @ Disneyland

After Terry’s post last week on the 50th anniversary of Disneyland I decided to see what the park was like on the day after the stars and media filed out of the place. While the weather sucked for most of the day (over cast and some showers) the place was still packed.

When we arrived at the parking structure by noon most of the structure was already full. After walking through the structure and down to the trams, a large number of people were already waiting, we swam through a sea of people just to make it inside the park. I personally hate the trams, they just serve to trap people in the park and make them spend more money. I remember when the parking was right in front of the main gate and you could walk right up to the ticket booths and into the park.

Inside the park it was like a busy middle of the week during the summer. Most people were sitting on the curb of main street waiting for the anniversary parade when others were making beelines for the attractions. We decided to see the “The First 50 Magical Years” (the show which replaced my personal favorite “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” for 18 months. The film is really amazing as it shows Anaheim and the Orange Groves before Disney started construction on the park. One amazing fact is that when Walt laid out the plans for Disneyland he marked the trees on the property with Green and Red ribbons (Green meaning keep, and Red meaning remove) but the bulldozer driver was colorblind and removed the trees with the green ribbons. The lobby contains a scale model of the park as it appeared on opening day, Disney passports through out the years (including the original e-tickets, and sketches and designs used in the planning of the park.05-05-05_1332.jpg

Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art from 1980

obey.jpgThroughCaryn of sixspace I read about Beautiful Losers at the Orange County Museum of Art. This show displays ‘contemporary’ urban art. Well, contemporary from 20 years ago. You know, we are a bit slow catching up with the hip new art coming out of the big cities.

Even if this art isn’t the newest, I would still like to go and see it. They have photos by Glen Friedman, whose photos I think are wonderful. And anything that involves an OBEY poster has to be good, right? (And I fully admit I only like things once they are trendy, sorry.) So take a trek to Newport, you have till the 15th to see the show.

Baseball in DC and in the OC

I was going to post about last weeks Angel game but I was packing for my Trip to Washington D.C.

While in “The District” I was able to catch a Nationals ballgame at RFK. The Orange County connection to this game was the closing pitcher for the Nationals: Chad Cordero. Cordero was a member of the Cal State Fullerton Titans Baseball team and the winning pitcher in a 3-1 win over the Phillies (you can read more about my trip on my blog).


That was the baseball on the east coast, tonight was a good old fashion game of college baseball at Goodwin Field on a bright and sunny west coast day (if you can call it old fashion with the aluminum bats?).

The number one ranked Titans took on the San Diego State Aztecs (coached by Tony Gwynn) in a nationally televised game on ESPN 2. In the first inning the Aztecs put three runs on the board. The Titans earned a run in the fifth and tied it in the sixth off of a two-run blast from Segio Pedroza. For the rest of the night it was a good night of defensive displays from both teams until the eleventh inning when McArthur singled to left field bringing in Pill.

An Oldie but a Goodie

Koga at reposted the classic 911 call about the woman ordering from Burger King:

No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

A resident of San Clemente recently went through the drive-in window at a Burger King in Laguna Niguel and actually dialed 911(!) because she was having major troubles getting her Western Bacon BBQ burger order filled correctly!

The 911 recording has apparently found its way to the Internets and was played during this morning’s edition of The Howard Stern Show.

Best quote: “Ma’am, we’re not going to go down there and enforce your Western Bacon Cheeseburger.”

Audio here (3:21.18, 1.5MB).

The best part is that it’s got an Orange County connection. Take that, rest of the world!

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