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The 241, or was that the 231, or how about the 133?

Was that the first Portola Exit or the second one?

Well, while one friend leaves a job, another starts a new one (it may be a temporary position, but I will see what happens). All this week I have been trekking down the toll road in the morning to get to work (and in my car, I have to have the fire extinguisher ready to go) clocking a good rate of speed to be among the cubicle surfers.

Working at a place with a huge pirate flag flying over the building is pretty fun, the place even has that dot com company feel, and the people are great. I just wish my desk chair was one of the ejection seats, so I can “punch out” for real at five O

A very large median

Six months ago, I bought a townhouse in Anaheim. At over $300K, I knew it was an obscene amount of money and I should have been locked up.

But housing in Orange County is incredibly expensive. We accept that because maybe our pay is a little higher here, maybe the weather is a little nicer here, and maybe we’re all just a little crazier here.

And then, today, I read that the median housing price in OC has gone so stratospherically insane that I just can’t fathom it: $704,150!! This is obviously far more than most of us can afford, probably far more than most of us would qualify for on a loan. So, then, why is it?

Does anyone see the sense in this? Or, for that matter, the insanity?

Rant about home prices here

Concealed weapons in OC and LA

Sean posted over at about a video post at Full Disclosure that compares LA and OC’s gun and concealed weapons permit laws. Both Sheriff Baca from LA and Sheriff Carona from OC are interviewed, and their views on concealed weapons couldn’t be more different.

In Los Angeles, a county with ten million residence, there are less than 500 CCW permits. Orange County, on the other hand, has only three million people and has about 2000 permits issued. The major difference between the two counties is that in LA you need to prove a need to carry a gun, in Orange County, as long as you are a law abiding citizen and take a gun safety course, you will be granted a CCW permit.

While i was surprised by how many people carried gun in OC, I was even more surprised by how easy it was to get a permit. I guess that’s the benefit of living in a Republican dominated county.

Black Cat

Last night I went with Jill and her parents to Chat Noir for a nice Father’s Day dinner. Chat Noir is right by South Coast and the Orange County Performing Arts Center, making it easy to find nice places to wander either before or after dinner (especially if you need some time to let that martini wear off).

They have a nice selection of specialty martinis, with the Moulin Rouge being their signature drink. It was quite good, in fact. Not as strong as my normal rum and coke, but also not as candy like as some mixed drinks. I, however, went with a Wild Turkey Manhatan that knocked me on my ass. I don’t know what it was, could be that I hadn’t had much to eat earlier in the day, that I was tired, or what, but I’ve never had a single drink effect me like that.

The food was just as good as the drinks. I had Filet Mignon Stroganoff that is made with a mustard sauce instead of the more traditional cream sauce. It was quite good. Jill got scallops which I gather were good as well. Not being a scallop fan, I did not try them myself.

For dessert we had a souffle that was to die for. If you like chocolate, this is the dessert for you. It was giant, the four of us barely finished it. Some people think that the chocolate sauce overwhelmed the souffle, but I thought the souffle gave a very nice texture to the delicious sauce.

Lapping up ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day isn’t the same type of holiday that Mother’s Day is, especially in Orange County. There are few things sons and daughters can do with their fathers, it’s not like we can take them out to wander South Coast. However, there is one thing that I plan to do with my father tomorrow; I’m taking him kart racing.

Dromo 1 is an indoor kart track in Orange at Katella and Main. A touch expensive at $25 a race on weekends, it should still be worth it. Over the years I figure my mom has gotten much nicer and more expensive presents, so I can splurge on my dad this year.

What other things are people doing for their fathers tomorrow? You know, I might need an idea next year.

Quakes = decreased housing prices?

Probably not. But I

Earthquake Redux

Yeah, that was just another earthquake. It was a 5.3 centered 71 miles east of the LA Civic Center. For me, this was the first time I’ve been in a tallish building during an earthquake, on the eighth floor.

Between this earthquake, the one on Sunday, and the tsunami warning Tuesday night, I get the feeling we are about to fall into the sea. Maybe we shouldn’t elect actors as governors anymore. I know the relationship between having an actor as the state’s chief executive and earthquake is tenuous, it seems good enough for me.

Didya feel that?

My wife felt in Balboa Park, SD. Crazy. is calling it a 5.3, in Greater Los Angeles (34.058 N, -117.007 W) — looks like Yucaipa?

Shook the hell out of my building in downtown Irvine.

Global Village

Here are some pictures from Irvine

Anaheim Burning

I was driving my friend home tonight and noticed a faint glow on the horizon, so after dropping him off I decided to check it out. Crossing over the 57 freeway at Lincoln it was obvious there was a fire.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of details. Simply put there is a very large fire at a construction site on Katella and State College Blvd. (It’s still ongoing at the time of this post, and doesn’t look to be going out soon.) There were a ton of fire trucks on scene and heading there, and from various cities judging by the paint schemes. Tons of people were watching from various places across the street like McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr., and there seemed to be a lot of confusion with traffic.

Hopefully no one was injured, but I imagine that a fair amount of damage will be done to the construction site. Sorry, I don’t have more details, and for the quality of the picture. Hopefully I can update when I know more, or someone will put something in the comment section.

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