Making the Orange Crush more hellish… so you don’t have to…

Ah, the Orange Crush… how many afternoons have we spent there behind an endless line of unmoving traffic? How many evenings? How many mornings? Nights? Days? Dawns? Dusks?

Does the Orange Crush ever move???

Well, if it did, the OCTA and CalTrans are doing what they can to put a stop to that!

Okay. Wait. Let’s not be cynical. This is only temporary but how many of us know what’s to come? Starting on Monday (or so) and going on for at least EIGHT MONTHS, you’ll no longer be able to go from the eastbound 22 to the southbound 5. (There’s also some vague mentioning of the northbound 5 interchange, so be cautious!)

Sure, you might think of this as yet another way for the Man to stick it to you with no lubrication of any kind… and you’d probably be right. But think of it this way: In about a year, you can take the new interchange… at about 4-5 miles per hour…

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