Care for OC Kids…

It’s funny what you don’t see in the news. Sometimes it’s things that actually affect your life! (Yes, I know, who Paris Hilton is having sex with this week is urgent but bear with me…)

Today, the OC Board of Supervisors passed a measure, championed by Supervisor Lou Correa, that should provide some basic health insurance coverage to some of the county’s poorest children.

Okay, now, before you start dropping in your comments, calling me a (gasp) “Liberal”, let me finish. This plan won’t cost the county a penny and, doesn’t even come close to helping all the uninsured children.

I can’t fathom where “Leave No Child Behind” and being “Pro-Life” ends and where the idea that we cannot afford to invest in the health of our children, our future, begins – I won’t try to tackle that one. But coming from a poor family myself, I can empathize with those kids and think much more can be done. Where are our priorities when something like this is actually gutted to insure fewer kids? During this time of year, especially, it surely must provide pause and reflection on where we are headed as a society.

On the upside, though, a few of our county’s children will get some care. That’s a good thing.

… now, to find out who Paris Hilton is shtupping…

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