Fame is just a dull reflection in the Sheriff’s Sunglasses

The LA Times is running a story in this morning’s paper on Michael Carona and how his popularity has been dimmed by the scandals which have plagued his department.

Just reading the opening of the article you would think that the number of investigations that are underway were for a crime boss. The problem here is that there not, there for the Sheriff. Carona is currently under a federal investigation looking into his financial and administrative records and state investigators are looking into his conduct with women.

Carona was aiming to run for a statewide office on the Republican ticket after the way he handled the Samatha Runnion case back in 2002. To the OC Sheriff Department’s credit they did do an excellent job in solving the case and bringing the perp to justice. The article even mentions that Carona had a meeting with Karl Rove to plot his election strategy (well, I’m going to steer clear of mentioning Abramhoff).

In another interesting note on this article, I was surprised to see that Carona did not defend himself in the article. Instead a spokesperson for the California Republican Party said that Carona believes the LA Times has “fabricated” stories about him in the past. Of course when the evidence exist in real life and reputable organizations, such as the OC Weekly, has published much of the same evidence in past articles, the claim that the Times “fabricated” these claims don’t seem to hold much water.

But then again, if I were to get a post card with a picture of a Russian female wearing the OC Sheriff’s jacket in the mail during the election it just might be case closed against the Sheriff in conservative Orange County.

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