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Rubber Boot Race

It’s not a new goth fetish band – it’s a world record attempt!

As seen over at Squeeze OC, the Rough Fit Rubber Boot Race is taking place at Santiago Park Nature Reserve (510 East Memory Lane in Santa Ana) next Saturday, January 21. They’ll be trying to break the record for most runners running in rubber boots along a 2-mile course. Currently some New Zealanders hold the record, but we believe we’re better than they are. Registration starts at 7, and the race starts at 9. Come on out!

Proceeds benefit the Santa Ana Park Naturalist Program. It’s good to help programs.

Orange County Atheists January Meetup

atheism.jpgThis month’s Orange County Atheists meeting will be held on Saturday, January 21 at 7:00 PM at the Carrows Restaurant at 915 S. Harbor Blvd in Anaheim.

If you consider yourself an atheist, an agnostic, a freethinker, a humanist, or are just curious, check out this month’s event. We always welcome new members, will give you a name tag, and want to hear what you have to say! More info is available at the Orange County Atheists website.

The mass skunk suicide of Santiago Canyon…

What a strange way to start a year.

I started a new job recently down in Foothill Ranch. It’s a good job. I’m close to a Wahoo’s… 2006 is starting off right.

Living in Anaheim, I decided to forget the toll roads and drive along Santiago Canyon Road. Every morning and evening, it takes me from my part of Orange County all the way to the nether-reaches of South County, where I work, and back again. And, you know what? It turned out to be the best choice I could have made.

No more fighting traffic along the 55. No more aching ankle from engaging my clutch over and over as I stop and start, stop and start, rinse and repeat. No. Instead, I drive along a tree-lined road with beautiful scenery. I’ll probably be cursed by anyone else who commutes with me but, you know what? The traffic isn’t that bad, either. It’s relaxing. It’s downright pleasant.

…. Kind of…

It doesn’t take long to recognize something peculiar going on along that road. Not long at all. And you don’t need to look hard, either.

All you need to do… is inhale.

And you smell it. You can’t help but smell it. And then you hold your breath.

Along the road, you see them. Two or three every day. Skunks. Flat, dead skunks.

Something possessed these skunks to do it, to run out into traffic and meet their stinky maker. What could it be? Economics? Politics? I’m leaning towards romance, having watched plenty of Pepe Le Pew cartoons in my day. But when will it end? Is there one female skunk out there breaking hearts? Or, worse, a female cat with white paint up her back???

And so, every day I make my commute and every day I see dead skunks and every day I wonder and every day I hold my breath.

… still, it’s better than the 55…

Will it still be “Arte’s Revine”

“There are 478 cities in California. Only one city’s name includes the word “home,” or “heim” in German. Those 19th century German colonists created their home in what became Orange County. Now, 350,000 people call Anaheim home, just as 3 million of us call Orange County home. The Angels should be proud to call this home. “(O.C. Register)

I couldn’t have said it any better.

Arte, the jury is going to be full of local people and the evidence does not look good for ya. While I disagree with the political stance of Bill Campbell and Chris Norby, I do agree that the Angels should be the “Anaheim Angels.” When you think about the politics of Orange County, there is a major difference between those in Los Angeles and those who reside in Orange County, even as a Democrat I tend to not agree with those who are Democrats in LA. Even when you look at the team colors of Red vs. Blue politics instantly comes to mind.

Arte, keep the cross town rivalry going between the Dodgers, don’t simply try to be everything to everyone.

January Beer Appreciation Night

bjs-s.pngThe first Tuesday of every month (or second Tuesday this month – darn you New Years!) is Beer Appreciation Night at the BJ’s Brewhouse in Brea. This month’s event is Tuesday, January 10 at 7:30 pm, but get there early because it can fill up quickly. The restaurant’s at 600 Brea Mall Drive in Brea (click for map) and costs $18 per person, which includes all beer samples, handouts and souvenirs (usually a glass).

The theme this month is International Winter Warmers – those brews that keep you warm on our long, cold, California nights. Designated drivers get a free mini pizza and drink. Hope to see you there!

Visit Tokyo today!

Metroblogging Tokyo, that is!

Former California resident and Tokyo metroblogger Mike Smith is looking for comments on what topics people are interested in reading about at their site. If you have a minute, you might want to head over to their site and post a comment.

While you’re at it, what do you like to read here? We’re always looking for feedback from our readers.

Rant: Why?

This is a rant:

Although I love being a “Californian” – I’m not native to Cali or to The OC. I moved here from elsewhere.

What’s wrong with Californians when it comes to driving in the rain?

I’m baffled. Californians rarely have to drive in

What a view of the OC in ’06

This new years I got to see almost all of the firework shows taking place in the OC at the stroke of Midnight.

Click here to see the video clip
(just a warning, you might have to use Real Player to view the clip as it’s off of my cell phone)



Happy New Year from all of us at Metroblogging Orange County!

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