Republicans in Fantasyland?

This joke just writes itself…

When I was working with the Democratic National Convention Committee in Boston the city of Anaheim was making a pre-emptive bid to try and win one of the major political parties’ conventions in Anaheim. While Mayor Pringle attended the Republican Convention in New York, Mayor pro-tem Richard Chavez schmoozed with the delegates and DNC staff members in Boston with the hope that Anaheim will finally get some big city loving.

“Next Time, Anaheim in 2008,” was one of the pins that I was able to get my hands on in Boston. The city had a complete proposal and knew exactly how to deal with delegates, convention settings, and transportation. Nevertheless, I read in the OC “Rag”ister (No offense, Mike) that the Republicans have invited Anaheim to submit their proposal for the Republican National Convention. The odds for Anaheim getting the RNC are just as slim as the DNC coming to town.

There is a large list of cities that have been invited for both Political parties. If I were to put my money on the cities that will probably get a convention: New Orleans for the Republicans, just so they can try and portray themselves as a party that cares for African Americans (ala New York city in 2004 and the whole 9/11 political effect) and Denver for the Democrats (a semi-conservative state which is home to Focus on the Family, it’ll be major league protest season).

Just my two cents worth.

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