Gustavo gets a little MSM

If you were thinking what I was thinking when I wrote that headline, get your mind out of the gutter.

Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly and OC Blog made the Los Angeles Times for his column “Ask a Mexican” which is a place for gringos to figure out some of the cultural quirks in our southern neighbors. For me, a pale-ass white Yankee, to use the term “gabacho” just shows my lack of understanding of the word.

As Gustavo explains it is derived from the Castilian slur for a French national, and now you know why I read his column, if I didn’t I wouldn’t know that. And the fact that Gustavo believes that the OC is the “Ellis Island of the 21st century” is not too far from the truth, it just seems like that island makes up the “Doughnut hole” of the OC” and is surrounded by the “moat” of exclusive enclaves and toll roads.

Congrats to Gustavo, keep the answers coming and thanks for being politically incorrect. It takes a little less political correctness in this world to understand everybody. Maybe Gustavo will take his column nationwide?

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