At the Sacramento Airport

Trying to live blog the convention proved to be a lot harder then I thought. I could only upload the post to my site when I had the time and had access.

So while I sit here on the FREE wi-fi (Yes, some cities believe in universal access) here is a quick highlight post from Mike’s Daily Lockup:

Friday: Angelides and Westly signs were everywhere. The delegates were sporting Angelidies colors, while a busloads of volunteers for the Westly campaign sported orange “Westly Wagon ’06” shirts. Just seeing the split between the volunteers and the delegates instantly showed the difference in the crowd and was a good precursor to the vote.

Saturday: I was comped into the Very Expensive Dinner and got to listen to Bill Richardson and Max Cleland. The vote prior to that was a little hectic and disorganized (I know, save it for the comments). Westly worked the delegates trying to drum up some more support but it wasn’t going to happen for him. During the Dinner, one of the Young Dems alerted me to the results and we left to go try and confirm them. Angelides won with 67.2% of the vote, I still didn’t get some of the numbers for the other races.

Sunday: Ghost Town, there was almost no one in the hall and the platform was simply adopted on an Aye vote. That was much more organized then the convention last year in LA.

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