Next Victim

Now that the San Jose v. Edmonton series has been settled (the Sharks lost by the way), it’s Edmonton that will be the next team to challenge the Ducks in the NHL Playoffs.
So for the fans traveling to the Pond this Friday, a few words of advice:
1. Don’t boo the Canadian National Anthem. The fans in the Shark Tank didn’t heed this little gem of advice and look what happened.
2. Just because they are named the “Oilers” does not mean they play for oil. However, with gas prices the way they are these days I wouldn’t be surprised if their pay is going towards their gas.
3. If someone stops you in the concourse of the Pond and asks “Is this Los Angeles, eh?” quickly point out politely that they want to talk to the team on the other side of Katella that is in their own little geographical identity crisis.
4. They are called “Fowl Towels” for a reason (and I hope I don’t have to explain that one)
5. If the cup is in the house – DON’T TOUCH IT. Players and die-hard hockey fans have a superstition about posing with the cup during the playoffs (I have touched the cup but that was back in 2000)
6. Disney no longer owns the team, thus the reason for their success
7. Edmonton is a city of 1,016,000 people vs. Anaheim’s 328,000 (2000 Census) and Edmonton will no doubt be close to shut down on Friday night for the game
8. The Ducks and the Clippers are the only California teams left in any Major league playoff. Sucks to be the Kings and Lakers.
9. Icing and Offsides suck. Just a personal observation.
10. Anyone have any extra tickets (with parking and in a luxury box or glass seats) that they would love to give to us local bloggers? (No? I knew that was asking for too much)

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  1. Scott (unregistered) on May 19th, 2006 @ 8:42 am

    At least one of our local teams is doing well ;-)


  2. LOST SEASON 3 (unregistered) on May 19th, 2006 @ 3:25 pm


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