Have you checked your Party Registration Today?

I hope I don’t have to remind our readers to go out and participate in our Democratic process and vote. But in the case that I have to, please make sure you are voting under the same party that you intended to vote for.

So for starters let’s see how your registration may have been switched:
Have you signed any petition forms?
When you signed them, were you asked to sign the box for “Verification?”
Was it for a good cause (Save the Whales, Save the Dolphins, Save the Brady Bunch – Hey, just a little fun with that)?
Were they a paid signature gatherer, and did they beg when you refused to sign the petition?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, might I suggest you read this before going to the polls: “Registrar Hands over suspicious voter forms.

With the Democratic Party of Orange County urging the Registrar to quickly resolve this indescretion by the Republican party and the Registrar’s office dragging their feet, I’m getting ready to say the voters in Orange County are going to be mighty disenfranchised when they go to cast their ballots (on the million dollar e-slate machines, another argument for another day).

Hat tip to Liberal OC

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