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More Auto Awesomeness

Seriously, WTF? You already spent $50k on your car and when it came time to buy rims you just went, “Awww fuck it, just give me something that fits.” Are you a school bus driver by day and can’t contain your pride? Someone explain this one to me.

Go Ducks and Bring us the Pigskin

Game Seven, a moment in sports history that can cause teams to utterly collapse or cause them to rise about it all and cement their place in history. Tonight (Well, May 3rd, I jumped the gun) the Ducks face the Flames in Calgary for all the marbles in the first round. Win, and we survive to play another day. Lose, and it’s time to pack up the equipment at the Arrowhead Pond for the Summer.

In additional Orange County related sports news, the Governator (Sacramento is really marketing the Governor as a tourist attraction but Celebrities as Politicians is an argument for another day) called for the NFL to place two NFL teams in the Southern California Region. Anaheim released a proposed picture of the stadium that would be built next to Angel Stadium complete with over-sized football helmets out in front. Most of the owners however are still against the placement of two teams in the region as they would both have to slug it out over television and marketing rights.

Go Ducks!

Tan Nguyen doing the worst thing possible to gain voters


Yesterday on my way home, there was a surprising amount of traffic on the Northbound 55. Everybody had been talking about how light the traffic was on the freeways because of the immigrant strike, even I posted about it yesterday. At first I figured the traffic would speed up once I got past the 5, as it normally does, but that didn’t happen. The traffic just wasn’t working for me on my way home, and I was a bit annoyed.

However, once I got to the overpass just before Katella I found out why the traffic was so slow, it was because of god damn signs lashed to the fence on the overpass. People were slowing down to read the tiny print on the signs that said “Tan. STOP Illegal Immigration.”

Well, Tan Nguyen, slowing down the traffic and making it take an extra 15 min to get home is no way to endear the voters to you. The Liberal Orange County is right Tan Nguyen is making our cities look like crap with all of his signs, and on top of that he is making my commute even longer.

The Studio

thestudio.jpgYesterday afternoon I went with my mom to see a matinee performance of The Studio at the South Coast Rep. The play, as I’ve found most things at the South Coast Rep, was wonderful. Not as good as the rendition of Our Town that I saw about five years ago, but very good none-the-less.

The play was about a ballet choreographer and his two dancers. He was considered a brilliant choreographer but was paralyzed by his own feeling of inadequacy. Nothing he did he felt was good enough to live up to the acclaim of his previous works, and in the process of his madness he slowly drove his dancers mad with frustration.

Despite his brilliant choreography, the choreographer is unwilling to show any of his dances. He went so far as to stage an entire production and then never raise the curtain, and when he was done with the dance between these two dancers, he just quit, without ever performing it anywhere.

While this doesn’t sound like a thrilling story, the actors draw you in. They spend a good deal of time talking to the audience, making you feel as if you are a part of the story. That’s one of the great things about the South Coast Rep, the theater is so small you get the sense that you are right there in the middle of the play, not watching people that look like ants on a giant stage.

The Studio is running for another week. Next month I get to look forward to The Real Thing, for which I have tickets in row B dead center. Not great seats in all theaters, but the best at the South Coast Rep.

May Day Protests

I’ve been getting a few small reminders to today’s protests as I go about my normal routine. Despite the fact that I left nearly 20 minutes late this morning, I got to work 10 minutes early, my commute was cut in half. While nobody from my office is out, a number of the people that work at our various other sites are out protesting. And when I went out for lunch and Fresca’s, a Mexican place I eat at about once a week, was closed. I went over to El Pollo Loco and the line was out the door, as if they were short staffed. Same thing with Tacos & Co. Despite my craving for Mexican food (and caffeine, but that’s a different story) I ended up at Subway.

As I’ve mentioned before, I support immigrant worker’s rights, even illegal immigrants. However, I don’t think a one day boycott will help their cause. Yes, they contribute a lot of capital to our economy, but they cannot withhold that capital for extended periods of time. What I mean to say is that the American economy needs the works as much as the workers need the American economy. Right now our system is in a comfortable equilibrium, we cannot kick out the illegal immigrants without our economy collapsing, but they also can’t stop working otherwise they will starve.

It took fourteen years for the Civil Rights Movement to run its course, from the time of Brown v Board of Education (1954) until the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was passed. It will likely be just as long a fight for immigrant’s rights, and today is something akin to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, it is just the start. One thing is becoming increasingly clear, our current equilibrium is about to be disrupted. There will likely be legislation that pushes this issue back and forth over the coming years, but as Winston Churchill famously said, “The Americans will always do the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.”

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