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Titans in Omaha

It’s that time of year again. Breakout the Blue and Orange, fire up the tailgate, and get ready for some exciting College Baseball.

Only if you can get past the clang of the Aluminum bats?

The Titans stayed alive at their home away from home, Rosenblatt Stadium, where they defeated Georgia Tech 7-5 in what might have been the last game for the Titans. After losing to North Carolina in the second longest game in CWS history, the Titans have stayed alive and will continue their quest for another national title.

USC has Football, UCLA Has Basketball, and Cal State Fullerton has Baseball.

It’s sad that the local media is barely covering this, it’s the same thing almost every year. Fullerton is a team of scrappers, who play as a team, not as a bunch of individuals; they have pushed past every major college to make it to the pinnacle of College Baseball. As the announcers noted in the first game against UNC, Cal State Fullerton is the only major school in the CWS that does not have a Football team.

Maybe it’s time to start up the Football program again?

“OK, Everyone in The OC smile on three!”

Down in Irvine the Legacy Project is attempting to create the world’s largest pinhole camera in the old hangers at the former El Toro Marine Air Base. Since he won’t be taking pictures of the new terminal buldings (see, no airport) and the “Great Park” is still under construction, why not aim big: A picture of all of El Toro.

The picture is 31×111 and was soaked in 20 gallons of light emulson making the negative. It will be exposed for 10 days and then soaked in 200 gallons of black-and-white and 600 gallons of fixer.

This thing is way bigger then the black and white photos that I took in High School Photography.

(Via BoingBoing)

Calling all atheists!

atheism.jpgThe next meeting of the Orange County Atheists will be held on Tuesday, June 20 at 7:30pm at the International House of Pancakes at 18542 MacArthur Blvd in Irvine, near John wayne Airport. A map to the location is available here. If you’re planning on attending please RSVP at our website forums. More information and discussion is available there as well.

If you consider yourself an atheist, an agnostic, a freethinker, a humanist, or are just curious, check out this month’s event. We’re always looking for new members, and want to hear what you have to say! More info is available at the Orange County Atheists website. Hope to see you there!

My God Has an Awesome Body

Enter a new face on the Orange County fitness scene: the Holy Spirit Gym (119 E. 18th St. Costa Mesa, CA — former home of the now defunct Superbodies Gym). I was intrigued so I stopped by around 4:30pm on Sunday only to find them closed. The sign on the door indicated that they were open until 5:00pm on Sunday (that’s right, they’re open on the Sabbath) — but the door was locked and no one was around. Despite this, I was able to peak in and was a little surprised by the posted rules:

– No spaghetti straps
– No revealing tops
– No bare midriffs
– No short shorts
– Tennis or soft shoes only
– No jeans, overalls

Since it wasn’t mentioned, I’m left to assume that the rules apply equally to men and women. I have seen plenty of guys at the gym with bare midriffs, showing off their abs, but I’ve yet to see a guy wearing spaghetti straps. And short shorts tend to bind and be very uncomfortable. And what about sports bras — anyone checking to see that they are being worn? By the females I mean.

The fitness industry in OC is very competitive, though. Witness the prior tenants. On the other hand, maybe it is all a part of His plan — as the large banner on the rear wall proclaims “Our God is an Awesome God!” They say, though, God helps those who help themselves — so I suggest that the new owners at least keep their posted business hours.

Best wishes to the Holy Spirit Gym.

An Open Letter To Nature

Dear Nature,

I know it’s June, and I know we often have low clouds in the early morning and late evenings, but how about some sunshine? This is southern California, after all.


Happy Slayer Day


I never thought I would see 6-6-06 on the OC Register

Election Day!

votebutton.gifIt’s election day, folks. Get out there and vote. I was thinking today how angry it makes me that we have such low voter turn-out. I think if more people cared, we’d have less corruption and politicians would cater more to voters.

Or, it’s possible I’m just an optimist.

Regardless, get out there and have your voice head. Get more info and voting locations Vote!

Westly in The OC


Here is another reminder to vote on Tuesday!

Art in Laguna Beach

With the weather warm and the skys clear this summer, there is nothing like a drive down to Laguna Beach for the day. If you happen to make the drive, there are some fun art shows at the Laguna Beach Art Museum (this one was even mentioned on BoingBoing).

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