That was an Acid Trip

I finally got to see “A Scanner Darkly,” not in OC, but in LA. OK, so enough about LA, it was all about the Archlight theater in Hollywood and its great sound and screen experience.

Since this isn’t a post about LA, but a post about a movie based in Anaheim seven years from now, it’s going to be filed under the OC Metroblog. Linkletter’s vision of Phillip K. Dick’s “A Scanner Darkly” left a lot to be desired it also required me to scratch my head to figure out what the heck was going on. The artistic style of the film also made it more confusing, while I saw the reason for it to portray the Scramble Suits, it would have been better to sit in front of a kaleidoscope for two hours.

The rotoscoping technique that was used the entire time in the film had its flaws. In a couple scenes you can tell the artisans missed (the hood of the tow truck and the spokes of the mountain bike to name a few). From the Wired article on the creation of the movie I wasn’t going in with high expectations. In a couple scenes some of the local scenery shows up: The Tustin Market Place, the Santa Ana Water Tower, the Xerox Building, and the freeway signs on the 5 freeway. Outside of that the movie lacked a lot of the local flavor that would have made the movie more believable, such as South Coast Plaza, actually shots of Anaheim Stadium (instead of the brief mention) and use of the streets for some of the exterior shots (instead of shots of Arizona).

Overall the movie was too confusing and sent the audience on an acid trip of its own as we all tried to figure out who was who and what the heck was going on. Now I can’t say for sure if this vision of PKD’s “Scanner” confirms to what he wanted (as I have never read the book), but I’ll leave it up to those who have read the book to determine if the film follows the story.

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