Even I Will Admit to Growing Old

Today I visited the City of Anaheim’s website, and was suprised to see a banner with the slogan for the upcoming yearlong celebration of the City’s 150th Anniversary.

Now, I know what they were trying to do. They were trying to pay homage to the city’s agrarian roots and put a modern twist on the old advertisements that graced wooden crates laden with the fruits of California’s rich soil. Many cities in Southern California, including of course Anaheim, got their start as farming communities. I get it, I really do.


Anaheim- Always Fresh and Never Grows Old


Is that the absolute best they could come up with? I tried to do a bit of research and find out how they had chosen this logo, but I found nothing. I don’t want to be ragging on something a fifth-grader came up with in a contest, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t how it was chosen.

That’s less-than-compelling advertising even for some oranges, much less a city marking such an important milestone.

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  1. Debbie O'Neill (unregistered) on September 14th, 2006 @ 8:03 am

    Anaheim doesn’t know where it roots started. Because the Mayor PRingle ( public Relations Pingle ) does have a clue about Anaheim. What about the old SQR Store, the Anaheim Saving and Loan, Wisser Sporting Goods, Pickwick Hotel, The Fox Theather, Lunds Paint and Glass.

    PRingle only cares about DISNEYLAND, the RESORT AREA, That is what PRingle calls Anaheim, Not the people that live in the city or the business that helped build the foundation for the city.

    In the 1800’s and up until the late 1950 there was no Disneyland, only a vision of the people who lived in the city. What they wanted Anaheim to be.

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