Justice: “Behind the Orange Curtain”

When I got home tonight from work, I decided to sit down and fire up the trusty TiVo box to see if any thing good was on. The occasional rerun of CSI:NY, The Daily Show, and the Colbert Report was there, but the show “Justice” caught my eye.

Tonight’s episode was called “Behind the Orange Curtain.” In the episode a bartender from a bar called “Laguna’s” is accused of murdering the daughter of an OC Millionaire. The team defending the bartender is a hotshot group from an L.A. lawfirm called TNT&G who can play the media game and set the stage for the perception of their clients.

The show had a few great scenes and one liners about “The OC.”

A montage showing the differences between LA Jurors (Democrat, Liberal, connected to the film industry) and OC Jurors (mostly Republicans, conservative, church going folk who route for the Angels and vote for the Prosecutor every-time). Maybe that’s why I never got called for a trial when I had to go for Jury Duty (it was that or the fact that I actually love Jury Duty, hey call me strange).

In one scene the head attorney is talking to his client and says: ” Suck it up and stop whining. This is a County that named their airport after John Wayne for christ sake.”

Needless to say the L.A. attorneys won their case in the end and the OC DA was sent home packing. Hey, it’s television, the main character can’t lose.

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  1. demmother (unregistered) on September 14th, 2006 @ 7:31 pm


    Once you get called, whether you serve or not, you should be guaranteed a call every other year. At that point, it will depend on the numbers and the trial.

    I didn’t get called for YEARS. Now I get called every other year. Out of about half a dozen times called, I have been through Voix Dire three times and got to stay just once.

    The process is very facinating.

  2. Dave Share (unregistered) on September 14th, 2006 @ 9:20 pm

    I have to agree with you, that whole juror montage was done SO well. And having live in both places, I think it couldn’t have been more true. Besides the movie of our name, I think this is the best representation I’ve seen on TV of our little county. They made us look a little bit more normal.

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