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With the passage of AB 523 the sale of KOCE to the KOCE Foundation is almost complete and Orange County will keep their only voice for Public Television and locally produced shows on the airwaves.

But this might not succeed if Arnold vetoes the bill and the OC GOP gets their way.

While reading O-Juice this morning I came across this post from Claudio that discussed why the OC GOP took such a negative position on Orange County’s own public television network. Matt Cunningham, Jon Fleischman, and Hugh Hewitt are all blogging against the sale. While Scott Baugh is working as a lobbyist for Daystar.

Yup, no surprise here. The same guys who brought you voter fraud and the culture of corruption are now challenging the sale of The OC’s only Public Broadcast network to a group that is under federal investigation, Daystar.

On a political level, Arnold may have to leverage the support of the OC GOP aginst the support of his donors. Most of his major donors sit on the board of directors for the KOCE Foundation and if he vetoes the bill then his donations may go with it.

Labor Day in The OC

Three days off at the unofficial end of summer and where will the next three days take me:

Laguna Beach tomorrow morning to meet with family and then the Oak Canyon Nature Center for the annual Labor Day Jazz Festival.

Sunday the Old Town Orange International Street fair. I just have to go get a beer from the Irish street, then buy a Gyro on Greek Street, wash it all down with a Corona from Mexico street, and then dessert from the Danish Street.

On Monday recover from Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!

Heeeere Comes Johnny…

According to the National Weather Service, remnants of Hurricane John may make it up as far as the Orange County coastal plains, bringing humidity and possible showers. Not exactly what I was looking for over the holiday weekend. But luckily for us, they are usually wrong, so there is a good chance that John will just sort of peter out. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

A Thank You Note to Time Warner Cable

Dear Time Warner Cable,

Thank you.

When I got home today my cable internet and television were out. I called up your tech support line and got a recording saying there was a “service interruption” in my area.

Since I couldn’t play WoW, read my email or surf the web, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. And then I thought now would be a perfect time to return my digital cable box that I haven’t used since the end of the Tour de France a month ago.

Because of your service interruption, I will no longer be paying you $25/mo. for something I use one month out of the year. I know you interrupted my service just so I would have an excuse to return my cable box, that you are only looking out for me, your customer, even if it’s at your own expense.

Thank you,
Grant Henninger

Signs, signs, everywhere signs!

Faithful readers, if you’re driving around town and spot signs in the ground or on trees for localized dating websites (Tustin singles, Orange singles, etc.) Please, let me know! I’m looking to compile a list of their locations, find out who’s planting them, and get pictures of the eyesores to share with all of you.


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