So, Like We are Totally At CODE RED!!!

Well, I was asleep at the wheel on this one, but it appears that John Wayne Airport was in complete shut down mode.

Yup, that’s right, the airport that held Snoop Dogg for having a weapon and has a statue of John Wayne with his gun holster, went into totally “world’s going to end freak out panic” mode. It appears that a passenger saw a person remove a handgun from a carry on bag and place it in their belt when they cleared the security checkpoint.

As it turned out nothing was found. I know the Democrats won both the House and the Senate (I’m still recovering from the victory parties) but this probably was a case of an Air Marshall or some other officer of the law putting their weapon in their belt, not the crazy wacko people that most people tend to think exist in Orange County.

Wait, you mean there are wacko people in this county? Ah, run for the Hills!!!!!

(Hat Tip to the LA Metroblog for getting to this first, sometimes we are not always near an internet connection or a computer for that matter)

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