iPod Dissing and PS3 Grabbing, Wii!

So, let’s go over this for a second: A guy buys two new PS3 systems for 600 dollars each. He waited in line, he fought the crowds, and he emerged victorious. Now, being the entrepreneur that he is, he decides to sell them, for a profit, on Ebay.

No problems there right? It’s just the American way to make a profit.

Well, it seems that this man decided to sell two PS3s in a parking lot of a McDonald’s in La Palma, to two kids, in the middle of the night. Bad idea!

He was shot in the face with pepper spray and the kids grabbed the PS3s and made a run for it.

In other technology news, Bill O’Riley has declared the iPod an “Enemy Combatant.” I’m not even making this up. Apparently he dissed the iPod, saying he would never own one and that he would never wear one. Hypocrite, he obviously didn’t check his website lately, his Factor is available as a subscription podcast. Yup, podcast. This must be what the new talking point is in D.C. iPods are for Terrorists, Zunes are for Patriots. Gee, Microsoft must really be desperate after the sales for the first week of the Zune Zucked (No, that’s not a typo, that’s intentional).

Maybe I’ll spurge and get a Wii this year, it seems there are plenty of those in The OC.

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  1. Richard (unregistered) on November 23rd, 2006 @ 2:23 pm

    It’s hard to feel bad for the guy who was so driven to make an easy buck that he decided to meet somebody at 1:30am in a dark parking lot. $600 per unit x 2 = $1200 in merch. Considering he probably wasn’t selling them at cost and the going rate is $2k+ for each, this wasn’t the smartest decision. He’s lucky it was only pepper spray.

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