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‘Tis the Season

It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but Disneyland is all decked out. Is it just me, or did they used to at least wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving? Although with the Nightmare Before Christmas transition of the Haunted Mansion happening before Halloween, I guess they figured they might as well go for broke.

Tomorrow night, Fashion Island is having a Tree Lighting ceremony in the courtyard of Bloomie’s.

The Sawdust Festival is happening this weekend in Laguna. I’m wondering if it will be cool enough to keep the fake snow they have for the kids from melting at an alarming rate.

Everywhere you look, it’s already Christmas.

And it’s only going to get worse.

Do I Hear the Fat Lady Warming Up?

I never thought I would quote Jubal (Matt Cunningham) here on the Metroblog, but here it goes:

Barring some dramatic or unforeseen circumstance, as they say on E.R.: “Call it — time of death, 5:00 p.m.”

With Lou Correa taking a commanding 783 vote lead over Lynn Daucher, the tightest state senate race in California may be coming to a close. According to Martin Wisckol on The Buzz, Lynn would need 90% of the remaining provisional ballots to win.

Provisional ballots tend to trend Democrat.

If Lou wins this one, and Democrats hold on to the 34th State Senate District, this will be the icing on the cake for local Democrats after the sweep of the Legislative branch on the national level.

UCI Gets a law School, B-1 Bob is back, and it’s now OC in the AJI

While surfing the Intertubes this afternoon, I came across the following stories: UCI is granted approval for a law school, Bob Dornan to run for President, and AJI launches their English only news channel.

The law school down at UCI is of major interest to me as it puts another law school in Orange County, and this one is not a private Chapman, Whittier, or Western State: It’s Public. The new law school at UCI already has 23 million dollars in private donations that can finance the birth of the law school and build the new facilities and law library. UCI always had a law school as part of the initial development plan when the school opened in 1960, but has never been able to get their plans off the drawing board and into reality. In 1989 the plan was rejected as the state was in a recession at the time. UC Riverside also wanted a law school, but they have since decided to opt for a medical school instead and will propose a new law school at a later date. UCI will no doubt have to dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s” as the oversight on the creation of the Law School will be increased due to problems in the schools transplant program. The first students will be accepted in the fall of 2009.

B-1 Bob has decided to try again for public office. No he is not going to run for Loretta’s seat, he is going Kamikaze and is going to run for President. “Crash and Burn” Bob will no doubt get rubbed out with the likes of Rudy Guliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain also running for the Republican nomination. So as Bob embarks on his “March to Loserdom” make sure you have both hands on the ejection handle and be ready to eject when he starts to go south.

Al Jazeera launched their new English language programming yesterday and one of the OC’s very own is part of the launch. Former writer of OC in the OC on SqueezeOC left Freedom Communications and took up employment with Al Jazeera. Omar discussed his move from the OC to Qatar (home of Al Jazeera) on OC in the OC before he left.

We got Shirts!

I just got an e-mail from Sean that you can now get your very own Metroblogging shirt. We don’t have them for each individual city yet (Just a hint, Sean), but you can wear your support for the metroblogging network by buying your shirt here.

It makes a great Holiday gift for the blogger in your life.

Unadulterated Whining

I am all for improving our freeways.

Except when it means I can no longer get somewhere.

Then I get annoyed.

With the construction on the 22, there is now no freeway even remotely close to where I live where I can get on to the 5 North.

Thanks, Caltrans.

I have also always wondered why the heck I cannot get onto the 5 North from the 55. You can go South, but North was apparently thought of as inconsequential and discarded as an option when they were constructing it. You know, because nobody ever travels on the 5 or anything.

Cultural Learnings for Kazakstahn

All right, raise your hand if you’ve seen Borat.

We actually saw it last weekend, and I have to say although I found myself laughing almost constantly, it was mostly with my hands covering my mouth or eyes and saying, “Oh my god” a million times.

If you have any kind of sensitivity of almost any kind, this is not the movie for you.

But Gina, you say, how is this movie relevant to the Orange County Metblog?

Because at the end of the movie, the Virgin Megastore in Orange is featured. And we all know they had to pick the one in Orange over the one on Sunset because yo, the Block’s got parking lots big enough for poor Pamela Anderson to run around in.

We rock.

So, Like We are Totally At CODE RED!!!

Well, I was asleep at the wheel on this one, but it appears that John Wayne Airport was in complete shut down mode.

Yup, that’s right, the airport that held Snoop Dogg for having a weapon and has a statue of John Wayne with his gun holster, went into totally “world’s going to end freak out panic” mode. It appears that a passenger saw a person remove a handgun from a carry on bag and place it in their belt when they cleared the security checkpoint.

As it turned out nothing was found. I know the Democrats won both the House and the Senate (I’m still recovering from the victory parties) but this probably was a case of an Air Marshall or some other officer of the law putting their weapon in their belt, not the crazy wacko people that most people tend to think exist in Orange County.

Wait, you mean there are wacko people in this county? Ah, run for the Hills!!!!!

(Hat Tip to the LA Metroblog for getting to this first, sometimes we are not always near an internet connection or a computer for that matter)

November Meeting of the Orange County Atheists

A reminder that the next meeting of the Orange County Atheists will be held Tuesday, November 14 at 7:30pm at the International House of Pancakes at 18542 MacArthur Blvd in Irvine. If you consider yourself an atheist, an agnostic, a freethinker, a humanist, or are just curious, check out this month’s event. If you’re planning on attending please RSVP at our website forums. Hope to see you there!

Too Good to be True?

Someone on craigslist has offered a free car, registered and smogged. It’s a little old and has a lot of miles on it, but it’s free!

It would so make me feel good about the world if it wasn’t a joke.

Check it out here.

Alleged Voting Fraud in OC

UPDATE: I just learned directly from the Steve Young Campaign (not the radio host as some commentators on the Huffington Post believe) that the number of districts is incorrect. There were problems in a few districts. – Michael Randall

From The Huffington Post:

Calls are coming in from the 48th District of Orange County, California are reporting voting machines in over 30 heavily Democratic precincts are not working and at most of these locations there are no paper ballots available as backups.

In some of the precincts, where machines aren’t working, if there are paper ballorts, they are in Vietnamese.

If you encounter voting problems, you can call 1-866 OUR VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

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