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Election Day in The OC

“The new phonebooks are here, the new phonebooks are here!” (Hat Tip to the commenter for the correction, it was late and I had to get up way early)

What, am I the only one old enough to get that Steve Martin Joke?

So it’s election day, yup that time of the year where you enter the voter’s booth scratching your head and then leave the voter’s booth scratching your head. You’ve been pounded over the head with negative ads, signs, banners, and yes, even the dying art of bumper stickers.

Here in Orange County we have had to survive the voter switching scandal, the Tan Letter scandal (still more to come on this one), poll guards, nasty (and I mean beyond nasty) politicking in the heart of Orange County. And who is to say that tomorrow will go smoothly, with my experience on election day it almost never goes smoothly.

So with all of this in mind here are a few links to help you make up you mind (bi-partisan I might add):
Smart voter
OC Vote
Democratic Party of Orange County (I’m partial to this site, in the effort of full disclosure)
Republican Party of Orange County

OC Blog
The Buzz
The Blotter
Political Wire

OC Register
LA Times
Sacramento Bee
Washington Post

And after deciding on the judges, the ballot measures, the state constitutional offices, Senate, to cut the red wire or the blue wire, the circumference of a square, and finding your car after figuring out your ballot (it could be worse, they could be butterfly ballots) come on down to Santa Ana for:


@ Proof in the Artist District
9:00 to 2:00am
Watch the results streaming from across the county. statewide, and nationwide.

Snoop Busted in the OC

Snoop Dog is so busted… and only in Orange County would we file charges.

But his record is not a good thing, he was investigated before in Burbank at Bob Hope Airport. In that case he had an illegal weapon and drug possession.

Time to Prepare (if you haven’t already)

Tomorrow is election day, and everyone who is registered to vote had better get out there and do it! Come on, you know you want that little sticker!

There are so many ballot measures that tonight would be a good time to sit and read them over.

The way I see it, if you aren’t registered or can’t “be bothered” to vote, then you don’t get to complain.

Traffic Tip

I don’t know how many of you know about this site, but we look at it every single time we head out the door if we know we are going on the freeway. It isn’t infallible, but you can get a pretty good idea of the freeway conditions.

Trash Talk

So the trash strike is entering what is, I believe, its third week.

I am in one of the affected areas, and last Thursday, my neighborhood put out their trashcans in the futile hope that perhaps some scab or manager would manage to commandeer a truck.

No go.

All our cans sat out in the lovely Santa Ana fueled heat for two days, because we sure weren’t going to put them back in after baking in the sun.

Finally, on Saturday a truck came lumbering down the street, and you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief from all of my neighbors.

Now the question is, will they be back on schedule tomorrow?

But I have to say, I support unions who strike. When the Vons strike went down, I did not cross the threshold of my Vons, which is only one minute away. I dutifully trekked to a Stater Brothers at least ten minutes away.

If the worst that happens is that my trash has to sit an extra few days on the curb, then so be it.

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