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I have attended the women’s figure skating long program at the Olympics in Salt Lake City. I saw the program from the fifth row. I saw Sasha Cohen win the gold live, right there in front of my very own eyes. This does not make me a figure skating expert, or even a fan — they were corporate tickets and thus they were free tickets.

Truth be told, the whole event sort of blew goats. Florescent lighting, boring routines and endless waiting are the hallmark of Olympic events. Besides the Olympics in SLC, I have only seen The Smurfs Ice Capades when I was a child and several renditions of Snoopy on ice at Knott’s Berry Farm. I may not know much about art, but I know what I don’t like.

So please listen intently when I tell you that Snoopy’s Cool Christmas is really top notch! If you haven’t been, it’s the “ice spectacular” that comes free with your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm or the Ghost Town Christmas Crafts Village. The skating is precise if not technically competent, the sets and music are fun and the featured skaters and dancers are fantastic. Believe it or not, it was way more fun than the Olympic skating. Snoopy finds just the right blend, of humor talent and originality to appeal to guests of ALL ages (not just the navel-gazers).

Knott’s Merry Farm is turning into a holiday destination of its own these days, what with the new parades, shows and ride overlays. It’s not Disneyland and it’s not trying to be. I think that’s part of the appeal no? I particularly enjoy all the local artisans that display their wares at the Craft Village; they make excellent and inexpensive stocking stuffers.

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