Hidden Treasure in Plain Site: Haunted Mansion


When was the last time you visited the Haunted Mansion? If your answer was “last Tuesday”, then this post is not geared towards you. However if you answered “Oh I dunno, 1987?” then I would recommend you swing by the Happiest Place on Earth and check it out once again.

Recently the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction has undergone a high profile (and much needed) enhancement and Tom Sawyer’s Island is in the midst of it’s own (in)famous pirate overlay. Of course the reopening of the Submarine Voyage is really going to be getting all the press this summer. All the while, the Haunted Mansion has quietly seen significant upgrading, enhancements and a liberal application of twenty-first century pixie dust.

Unlike the Pirates and the subs, this makeover has been happening gradually over the period of a couple years. There has been no press release, no publicity stunt and no campaign to make potential Park-guests aware of the new spooks, scares and special effects that are now on display within the classic attraction’s walls.

New story elements have been introduced throughout the ride and you can see improvements from beginning to the end. Nothing says family fun like an angry bride with an ax and countless headless husbands. New high-tech dazzling effects in the seance room and the attic nicely compliment the classic low-tech effects of ballroom and graveyard sequences. There are a lot of novel things to look at these days, from the ceiling right down to the floorboards — look for the wood inlaid spider web that graces the entrance flooring.

Again, this is not news to all you APs, but there are quite a few folks who don’t stop in because they don’t realize anything has changed. So, if you have the means, by all means, you should check it out! There are nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts in the Haunted Mansion, but of course, as the Ghost Host says, “there is always room for one more”.

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