Anaheim Angels ’07 Season Underway

With the Anaheim Angels victorious in their home opener and last night over the Texas Rangers, the baseball season has commenced in Orange County.

The Angels look strong this year. During the spring the team made a series of roster changes and had to deal with the Gary Matthew drama. Arte promised that he would bring a “big bat” to the Halo’s roster but that failed to materialize (but the season is still early and if the rumors hold true, A-Rod could join K-Rod on the roster). Troy Percival briefly returned to the Angels from his year with the Detroit Tigers. The return was short lived as the team signed him to a minor league contract just so he could retire in his number 40 jersey and as an Angel.

Ana_487On the topic of pitching, the Halos still have one of the best closers in baseball: Francisco Rodriguez “K-Rod.” In 2006 K-Rod had 46 wins, leading the team in all-time wins, he also has the third most wins in team history for the 2005 season. The pitching rotation is set with nine right-handers and two left handers, the team added Bootcheck, Moseley, Oliver, and Saunders to the rotation. Veterans Escobar, Lackey, Shields, and Santana return for the ’07 campaign. Bartolo Colon will start the season on the DL and is expected make a big comeback during the second half of the season, according to ESPN’s Peter Gammons. Jered Weaver is also on the 15-Day DL

On the field the Angels changed some of the position players. The outfield for the Halo’s consists of former Texas Ranger Gary Matthews, Angel Veteran Garret Anderson (“G.A.”), Vladimir Guerrero (One of the big bats on the team, Tommy Murphy, and Reggie Willits. Juan Rivera is on the 15-Day DL to start the season. Tim Salmon retired from the Angels in the ’06 season. The St. Louis Cardinals (the team that included Scott Spiezio and David Eckstein) won the World Series in 2006.

Moving to the infield, Anaheim mostly stays the same from the ’06 season. Orlando Cabrera (“O.C.”), Kotchman, Hillenbrand, Kendrick, Izturis, and Quinian make up the Halo’s infield for the ’07 season. Aybar joins Anaheim after coming up through the Halo’s farm system. Catchers Jose Molina (brother of Bengie Molina who left the team for the San Francisco Giants) and Mike Napoli will both be the ones guarding Home Plate. Figgins and McPherson are both on the 15-Day DL to start the season.

Now that I’m refreshed on who is on the Halos roster this year, the Angels look set to make another run for the AL Wild Card. Some baseball analyst have given a mixed rating to the Halos this year and their chances to win the World Series. It’s too early to tell, but when Colon, Figgins, Rivera, McPherson and Weaver return the team will be set to make a run for a pennant.

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