Cheap Eats: Yogurt Land

Oh the joy that Pink Berry hath wrought. Yogurt Land — or Fake Berry as I like to call it — is a direct knock off of the delight (or distaste depending on who you ask) that is Pink Berry. It’s cheaper, less trendy and quite busy.

It’s simple economics. If you don’t meet the demand of your consumer, some other entrepreneur will come along and offer the same thing to the masses at lower prices. Where Pink Berry fails in its expansion and franchise opportunities, Yogurt Land is apparently succeeding.

Their concept is simple. Take some tasty low-cal, non-fat, low-sugar frozen yogurt and offer a variety of fresh toppings to adorn it. It’s all self-serve with a wide assortment of flavors and the low price of just thirty cents an ounce. If you forget the price, you’ll find it plastered across the front of every employee’s t-shirt.

Take care on the patio out front, as you usually have to climb over heaps of loafing students strewn carelessly about in a coffee and nicotine induced stupor. The Fullerton location is always hopping and is adjacent to a really slackery Starbucks and a (struggling?) Baskin Robbins.

The interior takes quite a bit of abuse but the setting is not the main attraction. The yogurt is what you see people lining up for. My favorite is the tart plain yogurt topped with freshly sliced kiwi. This is college food and it’s better than ramen. Sure, it’s not exactly healthy but it’s not exactly unhealthy either. A look at the nutritional content (picture after the jump) reveals the yogurt is approximately 18 calories per ounce.

Yogurt Land is located at 501 N State College Blvd, Ste C, Fullerton CA, 92831. It is open 10am to Midnight (12:30 am Friday and Saturday), seven days a week. Two huge cups of yogurt with lots of toppings will cost you around ten dollars.

Do you know some yummy cheap places to eat in Orange County? Let’s spread the savings around a bit! Thanks to reader Jane for recommending my trip to Yogurt Land.


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