But did he jump over it?

News stories don’t need much more than this to get me to read them: “Evel Knievel Baptized at Crystal Cathedral” – it’s got motorcycle daredevils and Robert Schuller – what more do you need?

The AP story talks about Evel’s appearance on Schuller’s “Hour of Power”, his saying he’s been a sinner his whole life, and his denial that he’s just now finding God because he’s close to dying. No story (or post by me) would be complete without exposing a little bit of the “Is that how a Christian would act?” element:

Schuller said he has long admired Knievel for what the minster calls his “possibility thinking” in attempting motorcycle jumps that seemed impossible, but he had kept his distance because Knievel’s private life was non-Christian.

I’m sure Jesus never approached anyone either until they were saved…even if they tried to jump the Grand Canyon. More from the Hour of Power here.

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