Giving Nair a run for its money.

I recently read an article about six local schools that are going to receive funding to update their dilapidated swimming pools. It was not a compelling read to say the least. However, there was one component of the piece that did make me nervously chuckle:

Apparently, some parents of students that attend Fountain Valley High School “claim the water in one of the pools is causing their children to lose body hair and is turning some children’s hair silver and gray.”

I am not sure what bewilders me more? The fact that they actually believe the water in the pool is critically unsafe or that they are still letting their offspring go for a dip in the allegedly toxic waters. Either way I’d say these parents are fundamentally dim-witted.

Seems like if they really believed their accusation about the pool, they’d find a new swim team for their child to join. Of course, these are probably the same people who feed their kids things like partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup even though those particular ingredients are known to lead morbid obesity, diabetes and heart disease. So you know, if you put it in perspective it all makes sense.

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  1. Matt Jones (unregistered) on April 27th, 2007 @ 5:24 pm

    It’s much easier to complain about something than actually do something about it.

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