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Time to Pay Up: St. Paul, Minn

The Ducks did it!

They beat the Wild and sent them home packing from the NHL Playoffs tonight at the Honda Center.
So it looks like there will be Anaheim 150th Oranges on the Mayor of St. Paul’s desk. Instead of the Wild “hunting” the Ducks, it was the Wild that got Quacked in Anaheim.

(Yes, that is Snoop Dogg)

High Rollers Night!

Looking for a good time this weekend? The OC Underground Burlesque Society has the show for you.

The Hunger Artists Theatre Co. does burlesque shows one weekend a month. One of these days, I’m gonna go. Hopefully you can make it!

They sold the whole county?

I did a double take when I saw this item in my google personalized news:

At first I thought it was simply a matter of google truncating the headline, but no, Bixby Land Company purchased the whole damn county — at least according to this headline.

OC’s Virginia Tech Candlelight Vigil

The Orange County Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association is holding a candlelight vigil at Mariners Church on Friday April 20th, 2007 at 7:30 PM. The occasion will be to honor the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. This is a nondenominational event and is open to the public.

This type of assembly is not really my style. I tend to grieve and process things in private. However, I know many people find solace and strength in these gatherings. This one in particular seems like an excellent way to connect with other members of our communities in the wake of these tragic events.

So if you’re feeling up to it, you should head down to Irvine Friday evening. While you’re there you can send all of our collective prayers or positive vibrations or happy thoughts to the families and friends of those who lost their lives.

“The single most important issue our country faces”

La Palma’s City Council will bring the war in Iraq to the table tonight. This news caused quite a stir in my office. People here are basically freaking out, saying it’s “inappropriate” and so forth.

Is it inappropriate? I don’t think so. A lot of local governments take stances on issues they perceive to affect them. I suppose the war in Iraq qualifies. Will it do any measured amount of good for the City of La Palma to sound off about international policy? In more subtle ways it could, but to the state and federal government it won’t have any impact at all.

There is probably some value in making communities aware that they can speak out (for or) against things they perceive to be related to an external locus of control. They can’t change the world, but they can change the attitudes of their peers and fellow members of their community.

What do you think? Is this an exercise in futility or does every voice count?

It’s Freeeeeee! Part V

Today, April 17th, is free cone day at your local Ben & Jerry’s.

With all that has been happening, it might feel nice to drown my sorrows in some Chunky Monkey.

“This issue is about teaching, not preaching”…

In an effort take a mental break from the bombardment of news coverage concerning the ghastly events that took place in Blacksburg this morning, I took to the Internets! I needed to find something to divert me from the vacant feeling in the abyss of my soul. I mean really! How many times can Wolf Blitzer say the words “blood bath” in the span of an hour? Turns out, a lot. Icky, icky poo.

Anyway, I came across this article in The Register talking about how Huntington Unified School District is actually debating weather to teach “the most important piece of literature in Western culture” to its students. They are hearing arguments on weather to offer an elective course on The Holy Bible in High Schools. Suddenly CNN sounds appealing again.

I can’t believe we are having a debate on weather or not to use public funds to teach children about The Bible in Orange County. First of all, I don’t care how “important” people say the Christian bible is; Danielle Steel’s Daddy is still a better read. If they have a course about The Holy Bible then I also want a course about the complete works of Jacqueline Susann.

Here’s a suggestion, if you want to teach about the literary merit of the “good” book then let the church teach and pay for it. Sunday mornings in a church seem like a good time to me. I’m sure that lady with the pink hair on TBN would make a wonderful guest speaker.

The school board members will come to a decision on whether they will examine the proposal during the next meeting on May 8. Back to you Wolf.

31 years ago, CSUF suffered the same fate as VA Tech

With another senseless tragedy today in our nations history, the horrible local tragedy that occurred on the campus of Cal State Fullerton, 31 years ago, comes back to life.

It was on July 12, 1976 where CSUF Custodian Edward Allaway opened fire in the Pollack Library, killing seven and wounding two. Much like what came from the reports at the VA Tech campus today, Allaway was cold and silent when he committed his murders, he showed no remorse for his crimes. This was a man who committed the worst mass murder in Orange County history.

The seven people that died that day were parents, teachers, librarians, artists, and students. They were people that could have grown up to be successful in their lives, they could have been people who could have enjoyed every moment that life gave them. Instead their lives, much like the 33 people who lost their lives today, were ended by a senseless act. Today, a grove of trees stand in their memory as small quiet memorial of the seven lives lost and a reminder of what occurred so long ago.

So Senseless….

In a horrible, horrible tragedy, it is being reported that 32 people have been killed by a gunman on the Virginia Tech campus. Our hearts go out to all the victims and their loved ones.

If the numbers are accurate, this would be the worst school massacre in the history of the United States.

DC Metblogs has an open thread, go here to read more and show your support.

Newport Beach Film Festival – April 19-28

Scarlett Johansson hasn’t called yet about accompanying her to Cannes. And I’m not a big fan of cold weather so Park City and its oh-so-cool Sundance Film Festival is out. Luckily (for my wallet if nothing else) the Newport Beach Film Festival is just around the corner. You can read all of the usual promotional text (“more than 400 films from around the world”, “interactive panels that focus on the art of filmmaking,” etc.) here. And of course every event these days needs its own blog.

So what’s special about this years festival? First, the Duke as he was ment to be seen: in his own back yard on the big screen! To commemorate John Wayne’s 100th birthday, the Newport Film Festival will feature a number of his films including “The Cowboys”, “Rio Bravo”, “The Quiet Man”, and “True Grit”.

Also, a film I’ve been looking forward to for a while will be showing in Newport a few days prior to its west coast opening: “Paprika” produced by Satoshi Kon.

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