My Mac Can Go Truck Itself

Andy Bussell is still living in his truck, is still a student at CSFU, is still famous and still works at the Genius Bar inside the Apple Store. This is not a new news story. It’s been widely reported by media outlets over the last year. However, The Register recently ran an update on Andy’s unique situation.

The article makes for some good human-interest reading. Andy is also an accomplished blogger (gotruckyourself) and that too makes for some good reading. In fact, he’s an OC resident just like we are right? Why doesn’t he blog for us? That would be a fascinating addition to our (sometimes) paltry entries. But I digress…

Andy, as it turns out, is more familiar than you are with the reasons why I haven’t posted a whole helluva lot lately – even if he doesn’t know it. You see, I bought a new computer: A sexy attractive shiny fully loaded custom configured Mac Mini. I swear to you I had enough RAM jammed in the thing to choke a baby whale. Hot stuff! Hotter than my now antique iMac, one of those great old sunflower shaped dealies that I loved but no one else did.

Then, with a fizzle rather than a bang, my swishy and chic new computer died a sad and painful death. It was Mr Bussell who delivered me the heartbreaking news that my logic board (and computer as a whole) were about as worthless as a steaming pile of cow plop. The Mini would have to be shipped back to Cupertino (or Sunnyvale or wherever the hell Apple has their distribution center) to be exchanged. It seems custom configured computers can’t be exchanged in the store. Damn it. Thanks Andy. I know I am not supposed to kill the messenger but I was shooting him daggers anyway.

In reality he was very nice about the whole mess and actually pretty helpful. Does truck-living improve one’s customer service skills? Maybe so. It must be that humble lifestyle and all. In a week or so, I’ll have yet another new computer and you’ll be seeing more posts from me – till then I will post when, where and if I can.

By the way, any negative comments about my choice of personal computers will be completely ignored. So there!

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  1. Gina (unregistered) on May 16th, 2007 @ 8:19 am

    Computer problems suck!

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