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Callous in Wonderland

Did you catch the bit on The Daily Show last night where Rob Riggle reported on Anaheim’s low income housing plans next to the Happiest Place on Earth? In case you missed it, you can find it on Comedy Central’s web site by following this link: The Daily Show: Callous in Wonderland

These particular “on location” segments are not always my favorite, but the subject matter is relevant at least. The Register’s article on the segment can be found here.


Something in the Middle?

Listen, I read the LA Times. I read the OC Register.

Yet for some reason, neither of them truly satisfy me.

The Times practically ignores Orange County, even though it supposedly has a section devoted to OC. It rarely has more than four or five articles, usually quite brief, about things in OC.

The Register has lots of OC information, but in my mind, not enough “thinking material.” It tends to be either extremely fact-oriented, such as crime reports, or very, very light stuff like fluff pieces about The Desperate Housewives of OC or recipes. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I haven’t dug deep enough, but should I really have to dig deep to find great articles?

And don’t even get me started on the comments that The Register has enabled. The people who comment seem to be a rather motley bunch who enjoy flaming each other. In my opinion, the comments were a noble experiment that failed. Or, if you were looking to find some seriously flawed thought process, then in that regard, it might be labled a complete success.

I’m looking for a paper that takes the best of The Times’ columnists and investigative articles such as the recent Pulitzer Prize winning series on the oceans of the world, and combines it with news that is OC oriented. The Register has not won a Pulitzer since 1996, and it doesn’t look like it will win another any time soon.


There is a really dumb article in The Register (is there any other kind) about how patrons at Regal Entertainment Theaters can now anonymously alert managers of a disturbance using a wireless gadget. Yipee! The article then states “While other theaters haven’t rolled out similar devices, they have done more to reduce unwanted noises during films.”

Actually, the teensiest bit of research by Hang Nguyen (the article’s author) would have revealed that AMC Theaters rolled out their “MovieWatcher Silent Partner” program last year. It allows AMC MovieWatcher members over the age of 21 to voluntarily request a “mute button” that anonymously alerts managers of disruptions inside the theater without ever leaving their seats.

Not only did AMC beat Regal to the punch, but they beat them by a full revolution around the sun. You can test AMC’s program yourself at the AMC 30 at The Block. Stay tuned to Hang’s next article about those new fangled mobile phones that don’t even need to be plugged into the wall when you talk!

Game 4 – Ducks WIN! One Game Left to Go…

What a Game!

The Anaheim Ducks won game four in Ottawa and return home to Anaheim on Wednesday to play for the Cup.

Down in Irvine, at the Fox Sports Grill, the crowd of Ducks fans went nuts with each goal scored and when the final seconds ticked off the clock. I was even surprised to see Mario from Channel 4 make it out of the sea of Ducks Fans with his hair still intact.

Can’t wait to see the picture Arvin…

Pictures from the Game 4 Watch Party after the jump.

Boom Boom Acka Lacka Lacka Boom


I’m back! My trip to the other Orange County (in Floriduh) is finished and yours truly can actually blog again. Many thanks to the fine folks at Apple for replacing the dementedly faulty piece of crap they initially sold me with a fine and fully function surrogate. Yay! So, on to more interesting things…

It’s gay pride month people – get out your rainbow flag and fly it high! And at gay pride, you always celebrate at a gay bar right? Well not for long.

The Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach is up for sale. Call the police! Holy Crap what will civilization do now? Won’t someone please step up and save us from this clubless mediocrity? Anyone? Anyone?

Ok, for whatever reason, I find this whole “Save the Boom” campaign more than a little silly. I just can’t get behind a cause like this one. Everyone has to have something to save these days. Save the whales, save the planet, save The Boom. Really? Save it? Save it from what? Seriously? Seriously.

They are “fighting for Laguna Beach’s Gay heritage”. Apparently Fetish Fridays are an integral part of how Laguna Beach maintains it’s gay identity. Just like Taco Tuesdays are an integral part of how the Latin community maintains it’s identity.

The Boom Boom Room will survive or it won’t. Who cares? You can feel up sweaty leather hunks any ol’ place. For my money your time and efforts would be better spent saving the world from Barbra Streisand – cause she’s a menace upon the gay community (and Hollywood) that should be stopped at all costs. But I digress.

In all seriousness, I have no beef with bars, in fact I find them to be fun and intoxicating (pun intended) but going to all this fuss to save a simple tavern seems like a waste of time. With all the struggles the gay community has endured shouldn’t the focus be on something more worthwhile? Here’s a thought: If you want to expend some effort and do something great, might I suggest you start with The Center Orange County. They’re a wonderful organization that strives “to advocate for the Orange County [Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Transgendered] community” and it’s youth. They rock!

Like I said, it’s gay pride month, so be proud of yourself for saving something meaningful.

Illuminated HB

This looks kinda cool.

But is it just me, or is everyone else getting a little tired of the corporate sponsorship titles that accompany practically everything anymore?

I appreciate the time and money they have donated to make this happen, but “Red Bull Illume” just sounds wrong to me.

I’m wondering how events happened at all before the corporate world swooped in to add exposure for their brands. Perhaps soon we’ll be blogging on “Coca-Cola Metroblogging.” Don’t laugh, you never know.

Stanley Cup – Game Three Watch Party


With everyone in the country finally able to see the Stanley Cup playoffs tomorrow on NBC, it would be a shame to stay at home and root by yourself. If you live in Orange County (we will even accept those Kings fans who want to see how playoff hockey should be played) come on down to the Honda Center for the Game Three Watch Party.

The gates open at 4pm with the game at 5pm. I’ll be there decked out in my Ducks Jersey.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can afterwards.

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