KBF: Please let it be true!

The New York Post is reporting that Cedar Fair is shopping their wares for a corporate takeover. Interestingly enough Reuters then reported that Cedar Fair is denying any talks of said takeover. I don’t buy it. The story didn’t just write itself.

In my opinion, any change in the way Knott’s Berry Farm is being managed would be a good one. I know the Post reported about a management rider, but it still allowed for a glimmer of hope. You see, I have been sitting on a half-written Sierra Sidewinder post more than a month now. Every time I try to write about it, I get all caught up in a tangent about how Cedar Fair is driving Walter and Cordelia’s creation into the ground.

For the love of Snoopy please let them stop knocking down parts of Ghost Town to build even more coasters. It’s really starting to piss me off. As Magic Mountain can attest, it’s actually not a good business plan. Any moron can slap a cookie cutter off-the-shelf coaster on patch of land but it takes nuance and craft to tell a story. I would like to challenge the retards in charge of attraction planning at the aging park to build a family e-ticket. You know, like the attractions the park used to build? Remember those?

I better stop before I wander too far off the beaten path. The point is the barbarians are at the gate and nothing could make me happier. Change is good and in Knott’s Berry Farm’s case, it’s an imperative.

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  1. Gina (unregistered) on August 7th, 2007 @ 8:03 am

    I’m not sure one of those private equity firms would be any better, probably worse. All they are there for is to maximize their investment. Although it is sad to see Knott’s so changed for so little reward.

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