New Ducks Jerseys Again?

Howdy all, I know its been a while since I have written a post here at the Metroblog, but having my head buried back into the books will do that to a person.

However there has been one rumor that has been circulating on the internet regarding the Anaheim Ducks: They will have new jerseys when the Stanley Cup champs hit the ice and begin their 2008 campaign.

The entire NHL is switching from the old style floppy jerseys to ones made by Reebok that have a sleek appearance to them.

According to one site the new Ducks jerseys may replace the “Anaheim Ducks” on the front to a simple webbed “D” logo. I’m not sure if the jersey will still have Anaheim on them. The Kings launched their new jerseys and it has their crown in the middle with Los Angeles along the bottom, maybe Anaheim will do the same? For the record, the jersey better have Anaheim on them, don’t get me started on what happened when the owner across the street on Katella started messing with long team names.

A supposed spy picture of the new jersey after the jump. If anyone has any more details, or if anyone with the Ducks would like to confirm or deny this, leave a message in the comments.

This was taken from the NHL Tournament of Logos Blog (not an official website)

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