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Wildfires Took Their Toll

About a month ago I was attempting to go to the Tustin/Irvine Marketplace (you know, the sprawling purple nightmare strip-mall that spans two cities) and somehow ended up on a toll road. I don’t really understand toll roads. I was raised in the great northwest, where we don’t have toll roads, toll bridges or self-serve gas stations.

I’m not sure how I got on the friggin thing, as there was no indication I was heading onto a toll way. In fact I thought I was getting on Jamboree. Anywho, I exited right away and had to blow past the unmanned toll booth because I did not have exact change for the seventy-five cent toll and there was no change machine available. The people honking that were stuck behind me whilst I dug for quarters didn’t help the situation either

About two weeks later I got a fine in the mail. Funny thing, it looks like I’m not the only one with toll confusion: The Toll Roads “sent Los Angeles County Engine Company No. 116 the $100 ticket for not paying a toll on Route 133 during the October firestorms.”

The article indicates they had issues getting the ticket waived. I find that weird. Once I got my ticket, I just shot them off an email and explained my confusion about the situation I was in when the infraction occurred. They waived the fine no problem. Shouldn’t there be an exemption for emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines? Seems like a no-brainer.

One more question: Does anyone know if these toll evasion fines hit your DMV records (and therefore your insurance records) like a regular traffic violation? Just wondering if I had chosen to pay the fine, would that have counted as point on my record?

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