How dare you try to make something of yourself! NIMBY!

Leave it to our South County friends to try and stop people from pulling themselves up from the depths of addiction-hell to improve their life. OK, that’s a stereotype that unfairly lumps all South County residents in with a despicable group of shitheads who are suing the city of Newport Beach for two hundred and fifty million dollars. Why? Because there are too many recovering addicts living near them.

All these self motivators are allegedly creating a public nuisance and therefore need to be sued into oblivion. Of course this AP article at SF Gate quotes the residents bringing the suit as saying “It’s not the rehab homes we’re against; it’s the over-concentration.” Suuuuure… and guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Vomit.

Someone get me a phone! I need to call Lucile Kring because I have a proposal that will knock her right wing conservative socks off. Let’s move all the homes to the Anaheim Resort district. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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