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County Breakdown of the Primary Vote

As I was checking out the local dead tree edition of the news, I noticed the Register has a county breakdown of the vote for both Republicans and Democrats.

Clinton was strong in almost every precinct north and west of the 55 freeway (predominately Latino areas of The OC), while Obama did well around UC Irvine and Newport Beach. Democratic Map.

As for the Republicans, McCain and Romney were more neck-and-neck. McCain won Little Saigon while Romney won precincts in the southern part of The OC. Overall, a majority of precincts were evenly split between the two. Huckabee and Paul were not noted on the election map. Republican Map.

I also have pictures from Election Night on the MDLU and over at Flickr.

How to Use Your Stroller as a Weapon

The weather lately has been pretty nasty (for Orange County anyway). This, as any local Annual Passholder to Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm will tell you, is prime time for hitting a theme park. It’s a perfect time to benefit from the short lines and sparsely populated walkways. When the Submarine Voyage only has a thirty minute wait you know you’re golden.

I was thinking about this topic the other day when my Dad visited from out of town and I ran down the list of ways to enjoy Disneyland in the rain. Lighbulb! So, not unlike Gina’s series of posts called City Facts (btw Gina, it’s been far too long since I have seen a City Facts post – I just love them) I’ll be starting a series of posts with tips tricks and suggestions about enjoying our local attractions. I’d like to keep them pretty specific and I hope they will be a nice jumping off point for comments and suggestions from readers who may have tips I never thought of. They are not going to be all about Disneyland but I am sure the famous park will come up a lot.

As an example, my first post will be How to Enjoy Disneyland in the Rain. Look for it when I return from my business trip (I’ll be in Florida all next week). I don’t have a catchy title yet – hey maybe someone will leave me some title and subject ideas in the comments (hint, hint).

See you all after Valentine’s Day….

Kiss me, I voted!

Well I did my civic duty. I voted. I voted in a cemetery no less – if that’s not symbolic of our political process then I don’t know what is.

I also got my silly sticker that notified anyone within eyesight that I voted. I suppose its better than the “I tried.” sticker the Red Cross always gives me. Because, you know, even though I carry no blood borne diseases and I have a universal blood type, they won’t take it because my blood is different. It’s been tainted by penises! Shocking I know, just ask my wife.

Anywho, voting is always kind of a let down when your person didn’t win. I’m sure I’ll survive and as the subject of my post notes, a little kissy-face might make me feel better. So, who wants to make-out? =)

Live Shots From Santa Ana on Election Night

With election night in full swing, here are some photos from DPOC and Obama Headquarters in Santa Ana.

Live from Barack's OC Headquarters

More after the jump.

Go Vote!

If the constant Obama, Clinton, McCain, and Romney adds have not yet jogged the mouse wheel in your head, tomorrow is election day. This is not just any election day, this is the new “Super Duper Tuesday,” this is the mother of all election days.

After tomorrow we might just have our nominees for both the Republicans and the Democratic Parties, or we’ll be slugging it out all the way up to the conventions in Denver and St. Paul.

For information on Polling Locations, How to report voting issues, candidates, etc… click for more.

But Does He Pronounce it "Fronkensteen?"

All jokes aside, Dr. Frankenstein is alive and well.

And practicing pulmonary medicine in Garden Grove.

I don’t need a pulmonologist, but I would practically KILL to tell people, “Yes, I have an appointment with Dr. Frankenstein today.”

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