Where Has All the Time Gone?

It seemed like just yesterday I was here posting, and then bam! It has been over a month, and nada. Aaaand, I missed informing you all of a bunch of freebies, too. I promise to be a bit more punctual from now on.

One of the biggest buzz issues in my neighborhood is the upcoming budget for our school districts. It is no breaking news that many teachers and support staff have been issued pink slips and stand to lose their jobs.

In years past, this would have been seen as a bluff by the schools, a way of telling the governor and legislature to get off their asses and pass a decent budget, already. But this year will likely be different.

Schools are actually asking parents for money in order to keep teaching and support staff.

And that my friends, is a freaking shame. What happened to California being tops in education? Ok, well lots of things have happened, including Prop 13 and a high immigrant population. But still, asking parents, who already pay taxes, for more money?

The problem is Prop 98 (does anyone else feel like we have too many Props?) and the fact that Arnie wants to suspend it. Go here to read about the Proposition and what it is intended to do.

If you feel like venting to someone, why not give old Arnold a call?

The PTA’s have been emailing with this information:

Governor Schwarzenegger 916 – 445 – 2841

My name is_____________, and I am a (parent, student, teacher) in _______________ (city). I urge Governor Schwarzenegger to propose a May Revised budget that does not suspend Proposition 98. Assembly Republicans & Democrats, along with the Senate Democrats, have all taken a position to protect education funding and we need the Governor to do the same. It’s imperative that he does this in May, as waiting to negotiate later will force __________ (your School District) to issue final layoff notices to teachers & classified staff, most of whom will not be able to be re-hired, even if education dollars are restored later in the summer.

Assembly Members

* Assembly member Mike Villines (R) – Minority leader 916 – 319 – 2029
* Assembly member Roger Niello (R) – Vice Chair, Budget Comm 916 – 319
– 2005
* Assembly member Jean Fuller (R) – 916 – 319 – 2032
* Assembly member Mike Duvall (R) – 916 – 319 – 2072

What To Say

My name is_____________, and I am a (parent, student, teacher) in _________(your city). Thank you for taking a position to NOT support a suspension of Proposition 98 for the 08/09 budget year. I urge you to make sure that Prop 98 is fully funded in the final budget.

Do it for the children!

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