CityFacts: Huntington Beach

Yes my friends, it is that time again. I was dreading this one a bit because Huntington Beach has so much, but here goes…

Much of the mineral rights in Huntington Beach are owned by the Huntington Beach Company, which is also still a major landowner.

Did you know that Old World Village has Dachsund races?

Surf City Nights are held on Tuesdays from 5-9pm. They close down part of Main St. and feature a farmers market, music, crafts, and stuff for the kiddos.

The Huntington Beach Public Library was designed by Richard and Dion Neutra.

Cattle ran free and barley was grown on the land that is now HB.

The world’s second oldest disc golf (or frisbee golf for the old-skool crowd) is in Huntington’s Central Park.

Punkers The Offspring and The Vandals are from HB, and the lead singer of the Aquabats lives there too. Oh, and a dude from KORN owns a steakhouse on Main St. and lives in the city as well.

Jason Lee from “My Name is Earl” grew up went to Ocen View HS in HB.

HB has the largest stretch of uninterrupted beachfront coastline on the West Coast, at eight miles. Something to be proud of, for sure.

Apparently, from the FAQ section on the HB City website, the Huntington Beach Libaray tends to get mixed up with that other Huntington Library.

According to the HB website “Surf, sand, sun and subtle sophistication encapsulate what the City of Huntington Beach is all about.” But one of the next sentences says, “…the unofficial dress code has become a mix of wetsuits, bikinis and sandals accessorized by volleyballs, surf boards and beach towels.” Oh yes, sophistication personified!

Despite recent downsizing, Boeing is still one of the major employers in HB.

Smoking is prohibited on the beach and pier.

The HB pier is 1,853 feet long.

The first US Surfing Championships were held in HB in 1959.

Huntington Beach is now officially Surf City, beating Santa Cruz in a lawsuit for the title. It’s also the city motto. It wins points for exclusivity, but it doesn’t inspire me.

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  1. Dave Share (daveshare) on April 28th, 2008 @ 8:19 pm

    I love HB with all my heart. Someday I hope to live there, but only after they build a closer fwy that’s NOT the 405, and only if they get rid of all the "bro’s" that live there. You know, they all have that stupid 2-toned star tattooed somewhere on their body (usually the elbow) and their straight (or reverse bended) baseball caps. Lame.

    **I’ve been waiting for you to get to my hood of Orange! Yay for starting this back up again**

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